There Is No Reason To Wear Clothes At Home.

When I'm at home, I'm naked. Simple as that. It's been that way ever since I moved in, and I only really get dressed at home when it's too cold. It's just me and my boyfriend who live at our place, and he's not exactly "upset" that I walk around nude. Usually he does too. Even if we have visitors over, if I know them well-enough, I won't get dressed. Because they know that I just prefer to be naked.

Actually, I was naked at home even when I lived with my parents. I was always naked in my room with the door locked, and sometimes I went out of my room without feeling the need to throw something on. They didn't like it, but they didn't really have a choice, because they would basically have to tackle me down and put clothes on me themselves. Like if I was hungry, I would always walk down to the kitchen and open up the fridge door and get a snack. Sometimes my parents would be sitting right in the kitchen, but they just had to deal with it. Sure, they yelled at me sometimes, but eventually stopped caring because their yelling didn't really effect me.

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I'd recommend being naked whenever possible if you are more comfortable. I don't have many visitors who are so happy with the idea though.

yes u are true i too feel nice when naked at my home,i usually do

As a nudist since 1977 there is nothing like being free of clothes whenever possible. I am no model but I am comfortable with my body and have no problem with being or being seen naked. I spend all the time around the house free of clothes.

i like walking in the nude,but when i am alone. it gives a a sense of freedom. in the hot spot.

My wife and I are frequently nude around the house, especially me. Our son is 11 and is pretty used to it but is going through a phase where he's a little shy and is not as naked as he used to be.

I like your story. I thought it was very well written and to the point.

Be careful when frying bacon.......ouch!!!!

Most things are better naked.

i am agree with u .

that and i got picked on by girls as a teen cuz my penis due to bloom late so i didnt feel comfortable naked if people would be there

yeah i know what you mean i walk around my places naked i like it as a teenager i got caught walking around the house or yard was laughed at cuz i was a very late bloomer i liked sleeping naked but i didnt want to walk around them if i knew they would be there they would just laugh at me

yeah babe....carry on

That is great, I love your attitude. I love the feeling of walking around the house nude.

I don't understand what you mean. It's that a good thing or bad?

You make it sound easier than it really is, I would think. You're lucky that it doesn't seem to cold too cold for your liking very often. I bet that makes your boyfriend very happy. It's nice that he will usually join you. I guess that wouldn't take long to figure that out. <br />
Cool. Did you have problems finding things to do when you locked yourself in your room? I guess that makes sense, if you're only be be out of your room for a few minutes. It's good that you got what you needed and did so how you were most comfortable. Too bad they were sitting right there on occasion. It's nice that their yelling didn't bother you and you got them to stop carring about it after a while.

I do love and appreciate my parents, I know that they couldn't have done something about it. I guess maybe they were okay with it at heart.

OK, so your parents were a bit conservative and not into the nudist thing. Still, you can be thankful that you have respectful and tolerant parents, even if they don't like what you do. Trust me, there are parents who would NEVER have put up with it, might even have been willing to call the police. <br />
<br />
You should really love your parents. I hope you do. Someday soon, call them up, tell them how much you love them, and appreciate their respect for and tolerance of you even if they didn't (and don't) agree with you.

Black tea is great, but green tea is my favorite. I'm sipping some tea in the nude right now as a snowstorm rages outside. Mmm, nice and warm all over.

All I've got in the way of tea is plain old Liptons. If you have some other preference I'd need to know in advance unless you bring your own.

Mmm, I'm prefer naked tea over naked coffee.

I've got the coffee pot on and plenty of room and mugs to accommodate my nudist friends. I expect you'd have to pass many Starbucks before getting here though. Oh and drive carefully we had a foot of snow here yesterday.

Thanks friend =)