Mary And Jill Saw All

well i'm26 now i've always liked sleeping naked i'v done it all my life .once when i was 16 i stayed home from school  i had a migraine  my parents both were at work i awoke to a noise i went to check it out i walked into the living room and there was my moms landlord mary and her neice jill they both laughed when they saw me and mary said carl i didnt know you were here you can cover that little thing. they laughed again i said nothing then mary sAid ok dont cover up we can use the laugh .that was sucky . then before that when i was 15   my  cousin and my aunt tracy walked in the house and found me   i was walking around the back yard naked .i dont know how long they watched but i heard laughing i turned and saw them i remember my cousin saying moms is it suppose to be thet small my aunt said no he is just tiny they laughed up a storm. well then afew days later . my cousin told her little 13 tr old sister about it .well i was laying in my room naked on my bed when my lil 13 yr old cousin saw me threw my window she called 2 of her lil friends and my 12 yr old sister they came to the house then walked in the room i frooze not sure what to do or what they wanted they surround the bed they giggled then they asked to touch it i said nothing so they did anyways then they said they wanted to take pics i said nithjng so they did then they started ******* me off i cam kind of fast but i was fully hard as i cam i heard my sis say he likes this then my cousin said man that little thing shots alot they all giggled my sis said i think it's cute i felt really weird about the whole thing 2 of them were family cousin and half sister i didnt know what to say                                                

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is it really so small

yeah thats true

Yes it's difficult situation to be in.

Fortunately those years are now behind you!

so like most girls they laughed at the sight of a tiny penis at 16 yr old i was between 4 and 4.5 inchs hard soft approx:2 inchs when mary and jill saw it i had alittle shrinkage so i was probably like a inch and a half when my cousin and aunt and sister saw me at 15 yr old i was even smaller i was 3.5 inchs hard and 1 to 1.5 soft and abotu them touching my little penis well that felt weird but wasnt really sure what to do

I can believe that.

yeah it was all pretty embarressing mainly cuz my penis was small as a teen i did reach my current size which is 3inchs soft sometimes 3.5 inchs soft and just over 6 inchs hard

I can understand that! Children can be merciless!

How do you feel nowadays about it?