Fun With A Huge *****

I have always loved the feeling of having my *** stretched out wide, ever since I had the priviledge of coming across an 11 inch wide as hell *****, ive been hooked on having my *** gaped. 

It all started one day when my family went out for dinner and I opted to stay home, I would have the house to myself for the next few hours! I snuck into my moms bedroom, took out her gargantuan ***** and with hands shaking with exitement, started unrolling the condom down the massively wide shaft. In preperation for taking this massive beast up my ***, I had been wearing a buttplug for the past few hours to keep my *** nice and ready. 

I started slowly ******* my *** with my average size 6 inch realistic ***** until I felt ready. With trembling hands I applied libral amounts of lube to the massive rubber ****. i lubed my *** up really good and started fingering myself, I got 4 fingers inside of me. I put the head of the giant at my *** hole and started to ease back on it. At first my *** refused to open up to accept the beast, but there was no way I was going to miss this golden opportunity for a great *** *******! I prettended i was taking a **** and pushed back hard on the *****, at first I got half the head in, it hurt too bad so I had to take it out. Then after a few more unsucsessful attempts, I decided that I was going to make myself take this monster up my ***! I pushed hard and sat down ontop of the massive rubber ****, My *** felt like it had been torn in 2!  The pain quckly changed into pleasure and then I took the massive **** out. I looked at the wonderful gape the ***** gave me then I sat back down on it. At first It didnt go in far at all, but I slowly worked it inside me. 

I had put the suction cup base on the bathroom counter so that I could see the ***** going in and out of my ***, omg it turned my on seeing my tight little *** stretched so far! I was feeling like a real **** and I wanted it as deep as possible, so I basically just sat on the *****. It felt amazing having parts of me stretched to the max that i didnt even know existed. The amazing, truly full feeling I was expieriencing was like no other!  Finally the ***** bottomed out and could go no further, then I started bobbing up and down on the monster, the fake veins on the **** felt so amazing as they glided along my over stretched **** hole. I started bobbing up and down on the thing and wanked as hard and as fast as I could. As I rode up and down on the beast, I felt my ****** building, as I came I felt my *** try to close up, but it couldnt because it was being stretched open more than 2.5 inches wide!

With the plug still inside me I eagerly liked up my *** and then I just sat there with my *** spazaming. After what felt like an eternity, I took the ***** out. I looked in the mirror to see my tight teen *** gaped open and quivering, I had never felt so good in my life.a 
JoJoMcDadio JoJoMcDadio
22-25, M
4 Responses Jun 7, 2010

Wonderful, thanks for sharing I had a similar experience once A tgirl I know introduced me to a great big ***** It felt great and I have been hooked since :)

it wasnt 2.5 inches, it was quite abit more really, more like 3.,5 inches or so. I am trying to get myself an inflatable buttplug and/or *****, but this is proving quite difficult because i'm too young to buy sex toys (im 16)

YOU my man are going places. Be careful and have fun. You said 2.5 inches wide thats about 7.25 inches in circumference. After a little over a year of stretching my hole, my favorite plug is 5 inches wide and 15.75 in circumference. You can get there also. Believe me it's a lot of fun. I am now hard at work on my new toy . It's name is 'Butt Bomb' It's 5.25 inches thick and 17.25 inches in circumference. I have a sore bottom but I'm having a HOLE lot of fun.

thats a geat story and looks like you had loads of fun - bet you couldnt wait until your parents went out again