Marshmallows - sorry if you read this - i multiple posted

For years i had heard whispers of marshmallow enemas. So about 6 months ago i did a thorough cleansing, soaked a few marshmallows and stuck them in. Big nothing.

But not to be deterred i gave it a second chance.

This time, i simply did my morning “business” (i have a BM about an hour after waking.) Then i soaked about a dozed marshmallows and tried to push them in. The first few really put up a fight. i did not want to lube my hole, so i just tried pushing the slimy guys in. Like i said, they put up a fight and one or two hit the floor. But after i got a couple in the “canal” was well lubricated with marshmallow oil. A dozen went in so easily, i soaked another dozed and pushed them in too.

My research said i should have about 45 minutes to an hour. SO i put on a diaper, then layered on a very tight girdle and some short shorts and left the house to run an errand about 30 minutes away. Oops. i was only about halfway to my destination before the cramps came on really strong. Now, i was driving on the freeway about 65 miles an hour and had a hard time concentrating on anything but my bowels.

No sweat, i was diapered, just let loose. Now maybe it was sitting and wearing the tight girdle over the diaper, or just my body’s natural condition to no poop while driving, but i could not release. Of course there was a little bit of traffic, so my drive time was longer than expected. i slowed a bit on the freeway too as i did not want to be in a car accident in this condition. i broke into a pretty good sweat as the crams got more and more severe.

i parked the car and got out. As soon as i was standing all hell broke loose. There was nothing i could do to stop the flow. i was not sure what was coming out, just that it seemed like it took forever. Finally, it stopped and i could feel something sweat sliding down my legs.

My curiosity as to what came out got the better of me and i put a clean trash liner in the wastebasket and carefully undid my diaper over the bin. But as i settles into a semi sitting position over the bucket another wave set in and i could see little plops falling into the plastic bag. Again, it seemed to last forever, followed by “dry heaves”. i continued to try pushing but there simple was nothing else coming out.

it took a few minutes to regain my breath and i could then look into the wastebasket. There were the 24 marshmallows – all accounted for and all tings considered pretty clean looking. Whereas they went in whole, the little lumps in the basket were about ¼ the original size. i put on a fresh diaper, the girdle and my shorts and tried to go about my chores. The cramps lasted another hour or so. i made sure to drink plenty of water to re-hydrate.

Beginning to end the experience was about 2 -1/2 hours. i can hardly wait to try it again.

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Why? Whatever do you mean?<br />
<br />
i do fantasize about bondage and punishment enemas, but always at the hand of a stern Woman.


No, i am very much a heterosexual sissy. But this sound fun for the right couple - go for it.

Have you thought about this-having a man tie you in position (wrists tied to ankles, butt in the air), give you an enema, then stroke his long, thick **** in your *** until he ****.