A Walk In The Moonlight

i love walking at night. I dont know why though. i guess its just peacful to me. like when the moon comes out and the stars are bright, its beautiful. I love the moonlight too. but walking at night when im alone it feels like nothing more can touch me like i can finally be free and put everything to rest. Its relaxing and the night is beautiful and ful of peace........no fear and no bright lights just me and the moon out for a stroll by the ditch bank =)

fireburninbad fireburninbad
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Yes .,., i can walk for hours and miles when the Moonlight and stars are bright in the sky

i know!!!!!! like where i live the sky is so clear and like theres no streetlights sooooo i can see the sky hecka good its awsome!