Barefoot In Mud

I adore walking barefoot in the countryside on a warm summers day, it gets you away from the noise and bustle of town and city life. there is nothing better than walking on a muddy foot path in the sun, the cool mud oozing between your toes it feels amazing and very relaxing a sensual.
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3 Responses Feb 18, 2011

I work on a farm and now I've broken my leg and I'm on crutches and I love using them barefoot. I have checked with work and they are cool with me going back barefoot while I'm on them if I think my bare sole can handle what I might step in. I can't wait!

I love that feeling as well but literally sinking down in it up to your knees is very sensasional try it

I haven't done it in over 25 years but I use to love walking barefoot in the mud as well. It's an amazing sensation having the mud squish up between your toes.