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So Relaxing

There is a small grass yard behind my house. Love walking barefoot there, is so relaxing, it's like I take out all the stress from work and everything. I'm sure there must be a logic medical explanation for that. If anyone here knows, I'd like to know more about this.

nnamma nnamma 26-30, F 172 Responses Nov 2, 2012

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Walking barefoot is good for the muscles in your feet

Sweet feet of course----When can I suck your toes???

definitely, i agree. awesome story, thanks for the upload ...

Very pretty feet you have there...would you like them massaged?

I feel the same... I especially like wet grass right after a summer rain... feels so relaxing! And if those are your feet in the pic, very nice! Love the nail polish color!

Your right,walking bare foot in the grass. All the tingles and mist sure release strees.

I wish I could do that. My soles are too sensitive and the tickling would drive me insane!

damn right it feels so gud! sand is better tho!


AS far as I know there is no "logic medical explanation for that". That said it is well known that one lays down on the ground one feels better. The earth has energy that interacts with the body's own energy field. though not the same as acupuncture, the concept is similar in that the body energy is rebalanced. I would suspect the same is true for you walking bare feet on the grass.

Naturalpathic types of medicine have many centuries of knowledge from experience and observations. What they do not have is the "medical scientific" proof as currently defined and qualified. Hence why there is no such "logic medical explanation for that". That does not mean what you observed or what other comments referred to with respect to the "feeling grounded" connection to how your feel and the sense in your body.

Yes, there are may more nerve endings in your feet as well that may amplify the connection of your body to the earth.

Are you also aware that your feel have the largest pours as well and that is also why foot baths are so good for your body. These large pours that exist in your feel are the way toxins can most easily escape your body. So walking bare foot on the grass in addition to your connection to the earth as noted also enables your body to release more toxins out of the body which also contributes to feeling better as you observed. Properly done foot baths will place you in a dimension you may not have ever experienced yet and is clearly a different dimension to what you feel walking bare feet on the grass. Both have their place and ease of doing as well as frequency. That is to say one does not need to do foot baths more, just know each has a purpose, a frequency that depends on the person and that not just walking, by laying down on the ground has many positive effects on a person's energy fields and balance which are all positive.

I agree, I take my shoes off when i get into my car after work. There is something to be said about being barefoot and being at peace with yourself. I can't explain it but it works for me.

I love your story. Are those your feet in the pic? If so very nice.

yes, i like to wlk barefoot on gras to, in the summertime, that send me showers of brickness
through my whole body in my my, and to to my neck and head skin, i also love it
to walk on hot sand in summertime, or round and oval stoneways,
sorry for my bad english!

such sexy feet... :)..i'd love it if you walked all over me... :)</P> have a connection when you walk barefoot. The grass...the sand...whereever you walk barefoot you interact with the planet in a way you don't with shoes on. You are having the same experience as when you are skin-to-skin with a guy. There are so many nerve endings in the feet. They are so sensitive. The way you respond when someone strokes, tickles or massages your feet.

Have are obviously a very sensual young woman. Any man you connect with is blessed indeed.

Go see a doctor, he'll make something up and give you medecine to buy.

We live in Arizona and I miss the Southern Cali grass...

^-^ nice one!

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Hello I think most people enjoy doing that I do

I loved doing that n still do.........what a wonderful feeling

Yes, it definitely feels good. Some people might say it's to do with chakras. I don't know much about that though.

It's just relaxing

i dont no that answer but u got sexy feet tho xx

Try graduating to walking on pebbles, it will do you a world of good. May find it a bit of a hassle, but once you get used to it you will be blessed with a healthier life.

i envy you! i don't dare to walk on the grass - too many fire ants! and trust me, they can travel up your legs faster than a moving train. not fun. excrutiating fiery bites by too many ants to count in such a short time.

OMG i love walking barefoot in grass :) or sand i just love it :)

yes, love the sand, too, going to post one more in the sand.

Mr. Google probably has an answer. However, I know it feels good and doesn't hurt you so it must be good. And you can certainly keep showing off your cute feet.

Its the Nature thingy

I don't know but you make is sound wonderful.

Yes if you look up "The Law of Healing" you would see that walking barefoot on grass is the way to heal you body both physically and spiritually. All the Universal Spritual Laws can be found here -->

We were all born naked, the body lives to be natural. I love being naked as soon as I get home