So Relaxing

There is a small grass yard behind my house. Love walking barefoot there, is so relaxing, it's like I take out all the stress from work and everything. I'm sure there must be a logic medical explanation for that. If anyone here knows, I'd like to know more about this.

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And I so much love watching girls walk barefooted in the grass; it's a huge turn on for me.

Walking barefoot is good for the muscles in your feet

Sweet feet of course----When can I suck your toes???

definitely, i agree. awesome story, thanks for the upload ...

Very pretty feet you have there...would you like them massaged?

Your right,walking bare foot in the grass. All the tingles and mist sure release strees.

I wish I could do that. My soles are too sensitive and the tickling would drive me insane!

damn right it feels so gud! sand is better tho!

I agree, I take my shoes off when i get into my car after work. There is something to be said about being barefoot and being at peace with yourself. I can't explain it but it works for me.

I love your story. Are those your feet in the pic? If so very nice.

yes, i like to wlk barefoot on gras to, in the summertime, that send me showers of brickness
through my whole body in my my, and to to my neck and head skin, i also love it
to walk on hot sand in summertime, or round and oval stoneways,
sorry for my bad english!

such sexy feet... :)..i'd love it if you walked all over me... :)</P> have a connection when you walk barefoot. The grass...the sand...whereever you walk barefoot you interact with the planet in a way you don't with shoes on. You are having the same experience as when you are skin-to-skin with a guy. There are so many nerve endings in the feet. They are so sensitive. The way you respond when someone strokes, tickles or massages your feet.

Have are obviously a very sensual young woman. Any man you connect with is blessed indeed.

Go see a doctor, he'll make something up and give you medecine to buy.

We live in Arizona and I miss the Southern Cali grass...

^-^ nice one!

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Hello I think most people enjoy doing that I do

I loved doing that n still do.........what a wonderful feeling

It's just relaxing

i dont no that answer but u got sexy feet tho xx

i envy you! i don't dare to walk on the grass - too many fire ants! and trust me, they can travel up your legs faster than a moving train. not fun. excrutiating fiery bites by too many ants to count in such a short time.

OMG i love walking barefoot in grass :) or sand i just love it :)

yes, love the sand, too, going to post one more in the sand.

Mr. Google probably has an answer. However, I know it feels good and doesn't hurt you so it must be good. And you can certainly keep showing off your cute feet.

Its the Nature thingy

I don't know but you make is sound wonderful.

Yes if you look up "The Law of Healing" you would see that walking barefoot on grass is the way to heal you body both physically and spiritually. All the Universal Spritual Laws can be found here -->

We were all born naked, the body lives to be natural. I love being naked as soon as I get home

always ponder reflexology, trigger points (acupuncture) and maybe bastinado (impact play)
grounding / Mother Earth is a good one - and of course the Earth Shoe concepts of the 70's ;-)

For me it is Grounding, like a plant reaching into the earth to find food, warm and so much more

Barefoot and bare body is best - in fact wonderful

you could get relaxed walking over me any time barefoot or in stilehtoes

but on a serious note, i hardly ever wear shoes, i dont like them but it gets me in trouble at work "Health and saety issue"and i hate to drive in shoes
once took the wife shopping but forgot my shoes she went into the shopping mall and brought me a pair if pumps (diiferent terminology in England) so as not to show her up walking barefoot
but i would have been bothered

I thought acupuncturists targeted pressure points on the feet to help remedy other ailments. Maybe this is related. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you found something to relax and refresh you. Oh yes... lest I forget, you also have cute feet!!

I know what you mean. I love the feeling of sand underneath my feet as i walk along the beach. I have always lived near water. Love the sound of the waves crashing as well as the sensation of the sand & water running through ones toes. Nice pic by the way. Would it be possible to see a pic of the soles to your feet?

You are connected directly to the earth and nature.

Hey, whatever works for you y'know? We all have something.

The foot is a very sensitive part of our bodies. Dancers use every little bit of feed back for balance and control. For others it is a erotic sensor. It has to do with connecting with nature and sensing the bond with earth. At least it is with me.

Cute toes!

i don't know why but as others have said, it just feels good :-)

Your toe nails look awesome!

Why do you need an explanation for why walking barefoot in the grass makes you feel relaxed? Just go with it!

Pretty Tinklr toes..

tantalizing toes!!

Barefeet is the best! And you have pretty toes! :o)

I would rub your feet, that would be relaxing too

i also like to walk barefoot outside on grass or sand, it as if you are more connected to earth...

Sand is also nice

I used to love to and explore the forest behind my house. I'm glad you found your "forest" :)

We have a large garden with most of it grassed,it is a lovely feeling to walk on it's surface when freshly cut.

I can't walk barefeet on the grass. it tickles.

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I don't know, but I was able to find this:

"There are more than 200 000 nerve endings and important reflex points on the sole of your feet. All those are stimulated when walking barefoot."

keep walking barefoot, you have beautiful feet that shouldn't be hidden ;)

It sounds like you stumbled upon a cool relaxing thing for you.
That is good. I think nature sometimes can bve very soothing for us/
Near where I live at the end of the row of townhouses there is an area where
its just grass and a few trees and I sometimes take a chair and go sit out there
then walk around and do pushups for exercise and I like that nobody is back there.
Its usually just me. Like a quiet peaceful place.
I like to sit in the sunshine also.

I think our shoes prevent our energy to flow out freely. So walking bare foot just lets everything go. The stress leaves through waves of energy. And for people who says I am speaking spirituality blah blah blah, this is science. Atoms are always moving and creating energy. If we dont have contact with things that we did before shoes and clothing and all of that, we tend not to be as healthy.

I feel good to be bare foot to. I really miss grass though. I now live in a desert area and it just doesn't feel the same.

It's all about being one with nature!Not in the pagan sense but in the sense that nature is peaceful...unless you are in a jungle!!!!

I always go barefoot at the park durring spring and summer. ^.^ I always feel calm and happy!

Great pedicure! I wish my feel looked that pretty...going out to get a pedi right now! Lol

I never look for "logical" explanations for anything. They tend to take all the fun and all the meaning out of life. Great pedicure BTW;)

Yes, as it is like soft massage that makes blood flow is softly increase + walking = wonderful exercise. Imagine if I'm there after and make the rest ;)

You have very pretty toes they are nice and straight, not distorted by shoes. Do you live barefoot most of the time?

I like it too, when I can. Yes, it is very natural.

Such a simple thing in life yet so natually rewarding. I remember going on a dinner cruise with the wife. She was wearing a tight leopard print dress and some killer heels. After we got back in, walking around the city talking and connecting with each other while carrying our shoes in our hands. I will never forget that night, so warm outside and connecting so deeply into my soul! Simple, Honest, Loving times, PRICELESS!

well outdoor relaxing is ok because all the stress is out just like when you are having your siesta and feel the breeze and the cool sorroundings it helps you feel good and that the reason you are having good time....

I am barefoot 95% of the time. I'm lucky in that I own my business, so I am barefoot all day long. My personal assistant is barefoot too, but only in my office. I drive barefoot as well. I like the feel of the earth beneath me, the grass, asphalt, cement, carpet, hardwood floor, etc... I only own boat shoes (two colors), one pair of work boots and snow boots. That's it. I disposed of the rest, including all my socks. Once I move permanently to FL, I'll only have boat shoes.
However, in my area, people think you're a freak for not wearing shoes. I went into one gas station to purchase soda and gas. The cashier refused to take my money because I was barefoot, telling me it's state law. There are not state laws that forbid someone to go into a store with shoes on. And, this store did not have any posting. Eventually, the manager/owner came out and scolded the cashier...reminding her that in order to have a business, one never turns down a cash sale...even if the customer is barefoot. She told me to come back anytime. You don't always get that kind of response.

However good it is the feeling of my tongue in between you toes would feel much better and relaxing for you
Use me and you see it for youself
Or feel it for yourself

I too love to walk around bare footed and feeling the soft cool grass on my feet is very relaxing. I'm not sure why and don't really care why, it just nice to have something that brings me such a relaxing feeling in life. So why ask why? Just enjoy some of lifes simply pleasures as we all deserve a little pleasure in life. This is just my outlook, I try not to over think the pleasures in life and just enjoy them as they are few and far between.

Contact with the earth is an important matter. The term 'grounded' is used for a reason.

Did you know you have more nerve endings in your feet than anywhere except your hands and genitals. These nerves need stimulus and youer feet need setting free.

Have a lookehere for the ultimate barefoot:

Sexy toes,smiles

Nothing feel better then something under your feet,something soft after being on them all day,it just feel like ahh,,p.s thanks for the feet shot LOL

There're lots of sencsitive spots on human's soles. Traditional Eastern medicine (such as acupuncture) uses them for centuries not only to relieve stress but even to heal many serious deseases. So you're absolutely right.

And I like to prowl this barefoot summer in the house and in the court house or in the garden of old is a saying that if you wander around more than bare footed in the house when you're small you're little liked to do platfus to the feet

Yes, the soles of your feet are very sensitive, that's why a foot massage is very relaxing. I just happen to be a bit of an expert giving foot massage, with all the oils and stuff. Usually ends up with a toe job and you know where they lead to.......your feet are just perfect for the massage and toe job..xx.

They say walking barefoot cause electromagnetic changes between u and the earth inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological conditions leading to many health benefits & stress reduction :-)

Even I walk barefoot every morning on the grass and it does relax me a lot. You are right, it takes away all the stress as if the cold grass just sucked it through the soles of my feet..
I think knowing these will make you even more happier :D

Thanks for your findings.

I think it would just be called a fetish.
I can see just from your pic that your beautiful feet (fetish) are savouring the moment.

Your beautiful feet have me under a spell... And very... :-) relaxed dc

I don't have any back ground about that philosophy, but i think i am feeling the same relaxing.

I am sure the softness of the grass relaxes you a bit and the cool dampness is a nice change from the stress of the day. Our feet are likely designed to sense the world around us as they evolved to be our initial contact with what we are waking on. Taking a stroll on soft, damp grass likely transmits calm feelings to our brains, telling us we are in a place where it is safe to relax.
By the way, nice photo of your sexy toes!

i guess it feels nice

I don't have a logical medical explanation for this feeling. But you're right. I like sitting under the shade of my tree with my bare feet in the cool grass. And sitting back listening to the gentle breeze rustling through the leaves. It relaxes me and puts a silly smile on my face. Just such simple perfection.....isn't it?

I also have to agree with mostly everyone here that you have very beautiful and gorgious feet. They look great when they are tounching the grass. :-D

my God your toes are gorgeous!!!! I love that WIDE space between them -- I have that too!
so sexy.

Freedom & Tranquillity, being barefooted provide a sense of Tranquillity & Freedom...

Who knows why it works? I'm just glad it works for you! I get the same thing from the cool crisp air on a cold night when the sky is clear and the stars are out. Especially when its real quiet.

Love your polish. Love the grass. Your feet are receptors for sensations throughout your body.

Thank for sharing your lovely story. It's so relaxed and comfortable, i know that feeling, because i used to walk barefoot when i were on my hostel. I love that...... :)

Yeah I think everyone should make time for that kind of thing!

I'm not a docotr nor an expert but it may be the feel of cool soft grass on your feet as you walk in your back yard. Feet are made for ground. Shoes are only to protect the feet from getting hurt. So in a safe environment like the soft cool grass in your back yard your fveet can experience their natural habitat and that has to be relaxing and soothing tothe rest of the body. Just my thoughts on the subject. Hope you like it. Oh by the way those painted toes looked terrific..

There is, it's called grounding, or becoming one with Mother Earth. This is a phenomenon that's difficult to explain, Well for me anyway. But when we are barefoot on the grass, dirt, Earth, we get a energy from her or healing energy in minute doses that we don't really feel. Earth gives life to everything in it like grass, trees, plants etc, well it does the same with us when we walk barefoot on her. Here's a quote you might like. <br />
"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." ~Kahlil Gibran~ ... <br />
God designed man to be barefoot, not wear shoes, the human foot can adapt to pretty much any surface you put it through given the chance to do it. I've been going barefoot for three years strait 24/7/365, and the soles of my feet have toughened up like a soft leathery texture, (not calloused) and I can stand to walk on any surface without grimacing. Pretty cool ha. Society does not agree with this and so people wear their shoes, but some people are slowly seeing that going barefoot all the time isn't so bad. If Cody Lundin of duel survivor can do it, anybody can. People that wear shoes constantly have very tender soles, so when they try to go barefoot it's very uncomfortable for them, but when you walk barefoot little by little, the soles toughen up and you begin too enjoy it more and more. Your feet long to feel the earth. It's addictive, after barefooting a while, you feet will hate shoes. I hope this helps you somewhat. There's a lot more to it than I can explain. Here's a few links to get you started.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

GOOD feedback, barefootward! Keep it coming! ;-D


You have cute feet, so NO excuse needed at all! Hehehe I LOVE doing that, myself! ;-)