Grass - - - - Buried Under Snow

oh i saw the picture of bare feet in nice tall warm grass.

mine is now buried under snow.
oh well, this is the time when everything goes to sleep and i spend the next few months in the house in the heat in front of the hearth
sitting back with a cup of hot coca.

want to see something funny, visualize the snow falling, trees bending slighting with the cold wind.

calling to the dogs, to take them outside for potty time
i am blessed with a 6 pack
3 chihuahua
2 french bull dogs and
1 shep

time to go outside,
i ask the pack, who wants to go outside
the parrot {amazon} Mimics my call " Come on" "lets go"
and dogs come from different directions.
out go the frenchs , always the first to arrive, followed by the shep
but then
slowly comes a chi, one step at a time, sniffing towards the door
they reach the door jam,sniff, spin and look at me and say Heck now and run in a different directions :)
they want NOTHING TO DO with ythe cold
make for a long winter of picking up poopy off papers
littleonejade littleonejade
46-50, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Have you ever walked barefoot on snow