It Feels Even Better Than Grass

I agree, it feels even better walking barefoot in the sand. Love how the sand caresses my soles. The bad thing is that I don't have sand in my courtyard, I wish I had, so I have to be satisfied with the grass.

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13 Responses Nov 7, 2012

Sexy feet girl

Barefeet is good, no doubt, being bare all over is wonderful too. I'm a home nudist and do visit nude resorts when I can, and I assure you there are lots of barefeet there

Hot...... If I were just relaxing down there in the sand could you put those soft feet right on my face? It would be exciting. ;-)

Sure i would, lol

Pretty feet! :) They look so strong... I'd love to massage them for you. ;) Nice color! :)

ahhh sand between the toes is awesome!!! it means im not home or not at work! btw love the nail color :)

wow with lovely feet like your the sand is lucky,you should try walking barefoot on a slave lol

Walking barefoot is one of the most pleasurable feelings in the world. Walking barefoot on sand is the cherry on top!

I agree it is a wonderful feeling. I grew up next to one of the Great lakes, with a nature perserve about a mile from the front door. When school was out for summer, I would often walk there, take of my shoes and just walk on the sand along the beach for miles. It was great.

Sand makes your feet sooooo soft. Maybe build a sand bos in your courtyard and have your feet play in the sand. Soft feet are so nice to play with. I bet yours are very soft

Than was so beautiful i just love walking on the beach feeling the sand between my toes =)

You're thoughtful and sensual. Nice.

I love to put my barefeet on any type of sand. Whether its the beach, regular sand or baseball sand, it's all worth it so your soles can get dirty. By the way, I love the blue color on your toenails. You have such beautiful, beautiful feet!!!

Be careful babe! watch your feet! even grass or sand may harm such a nice feet! come put them on my face