Naked On The Road

Tonite I took off my clothes and park in a nice not to dark spot, but where the street lights could help for people walking by to see me naked laying on my car. There was an old guy walking his dog, so I pulled over further down from where he was walking, took off my seat belt put my spread legs on the dash board and played with my breast and *****. He walked by and look inside my car and I smiled. He kept walking about half feet from where my car was parked and from that tree he checked me again. Then he came back walking slowly and looking inside, so I told him if he wanted to help me. They guy crossed the street with his dog, and in no time he was back again. He got in my car, i was completely naked i told him he could touch me if he likes. I drove to a dark spot, parked my car (which is a van by the way) got on the back seat and invite him to join me. He touched my breasts and rub my ***** , then he lick me until i ***. I grab his hard **** and pulled it out and suck it. he couldn't take me too long, so i asked him to put it inside me and **** me hard. which he did pretty good for a 70 years old guy. and his **** was delicious. He asked me if I drive there every night, i told him no. I only come around once to a place and then never again. The guy gave me his number and address to come to his house when his wife is away to have fun with him. I might do it again. why not, he certainly ate my ***** pretty good
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Sep 25, 2012