My Outdoor Naked Night Time Journey

My Outdoor Naked Nigh Time Journey

I have been a nudist for years, and my favorite place is spending the day nude on a nude or clothing optional beach. After spending a long weekend at a nude beach, I didn't feel like wearing any clothes when we arrived at home. It was a very hot and humid night, and we went skinny dipping in our pool after dinner.  When we all went to bed, I was awake late at night watching TV and chatting on some nudist sites.  As I sat in bed thinking about the weekend,  I went downstairs and outside to enjoy the night air.

 Since I usually sleep nude, I was outside nude in our private backyard.     What a beautiful night, I thought to myself.  I began walking around the yard and strolling through the lawn barefoot as the damp grass tickled my feet and felt great between my toes.  The night air felt soothing on my bare skin.  Before I knew it, I was wondering around my front yard naked.  My heart pounded with excitement, but I knew it would be difficult for any neighbors to see me nude if they happened to look out the window.  Most of the lights were turned off as it was around 2:00 am.       I ventured further and further and found myself becoming more adventurous as I started walking down the street to the corner of our property and then further a couple of houses away.  The street and neighborhood is always quiet so I decided to go further.  It was so exciting and felt so daring.  I could feel my **** starting to swell and bounce around as my pace quickened and sweat rolled down my body.  I was now a block away and approaching a main road.  I passed by several houses with open windows and flickering light from TV sets.  As I approached the corner a couple cars passed down the main road.  I wondered if they saw me as I ducked out of plain sight.  When I got to the corner, I saw the cars turn the bend and I proceeded to walk on the main road completely naked.

 I was about a quarter mile or so from my house and was approaching the next street where I would have turned to return home.  I heard the sound of tires in the distance and knew there was a car approaching somewhere.  I was out in the open and had no real place to hide.  I was now jogging as my bare feet slapped the pavement.  I was wet with sweat from the humid air and my **** was hard as a rock protruding outward as it slapped my legs from side to side.  I prayed it was not the police as suddenly a car came from behind me and slowed down.  I could see the lights of the car outline my body and cast a shadow of me on the ground.  The headlights then went off and I heard the windows go down.  I was so nervous and felt a lump in my throat.  I stopped jogging and came to a halt as the car stopped beside me shielded me.  A car full of people coming from a club cheered at me in approval.  One young lady reached out the window and slapped my bare *** and said," Awesome dude, what are you doing, nice ****."  There were five people in the car starring at my naked body and hard ****.  I responded that I was just enjoying an evening  stroll.  There was three young ladies and two young men in the car.  The lady in the front seat reached out the window and flipped my **** as she said, "Oh my, you sure are hard."  I grinned in nervous embarrassment and excitement.  One of the voices in the car then said, "I know...lets go skinny dipping at the lake."

 The lake is about another mile down the street.  They then said to hop in and we will all go.  I said that I didn't know about that.  Then one of the girls said that she lives on the next street as I then recognized her. I was so busted and complied.  I squeezed in the car and we drove down the street to the lake. It was a weird feeling being naked in a car full of clothed people as my bare skin touched against them.  As I was kinda squeezed by the door and one of the ladies turned sideways,  my **** rested on her bare leg as she was wearing a short skirt.  The bumps in the road made my **** rub on her leg and made my **** hard again as we drove down the road.  Her eyes were glued to me as I apologized.  She said it was no problem at all and quite a pleasure.  Her soft smooth skin felt nice as my hard **** moved around on her thigh.  I noticed the other young lady watching as she grabbed her boyfriends crotch and started rubbing it.  The young lady next to me asked if I always shaved there as I was completely shaven and smooth.  She said that she liked it and touched me just above my ****.  I thought I was going to explode.  She then said it was really nice as my **** throbbed on her thigh and balls rested against her.

 We parked the car and went skinny dipping for what seemed like forever.  There was a blanket in the car that was thrown down on the sand.  All the naked bodies frolicking in the water under the light of the moon looked beautiful.  As we all came out the water with wet glistening skin, we lay on the blanket.  The other two guys were hard as well but shy as they lay on their stomach and the ladies were on their backs as I was.  My **** was hard and pointing to the stars as my car friend whom I was next to touched me.  It was electric as her fingers examined my **** with a soft touch.  I could feel it from head to toe and told her that was really nice as the others looked on.  One couple started kissing and petting while the other couple massaged one another and watched me writhe in excitement.  I couldn't help but want to thrust my hips to meet her ever firming grip as she slid her soft hand up and down my shaft.  She then started teasing  the head of my penis which was throbbing now.  It was so exciting being watched and being completely naked outside.  I couldn't believe this was happening.  I reached between her opening legs and rubbed her wet ***** as she moaned.  We both wanted and need to release so bad.  As we were in the throws of our mutual excitement, I noticed the others watching us in fascination.  I didn't care and it was exciting.  My partner arched and tensed and gasped in delight as she came on my hand.  She then turned sideways and rested her head on my hip and started really working my **** and teasing me as she brought me close to ****** and then stopped several times till I begged to ***.  When I released, I was hot and my body glistened under the moonlight as my *** shot up in the air and landed on my stomach, chest, and her breast.  We lay there for a while in delighted exhaustion and watched the others play more discretely.  We all went skinny dipping again to wash off and cool off.  We air dried our bodies walking around the beach and then got into the car with everyone in various states of dress and me fully nude. They dropped me off at my house and went on their way.  This is one reason why I love being naked outside.

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Jan 9, 2013