My First Naked Country Walk Of 2012

At last some decent naked walking weather! I must admit to having had withdrawal symptoms over the past few months at not being able to do some regular country walks. I suppose I could have dressed in furs, scarves and gloves but that is simply not ME. From last Tuesday Richard and I have been hitting the country every afternoon and meeting some lovely people in the process. To put you in the picture if I am new to anyone, Richard is in his khaki shorts and polo shirt and yours truly is in my sandals and absolutely nothing else! WE have met so many fellow walkers this week, and several who remembered me from last year too.

Most people , particularly men, are keen to stop and chat with us, with most women admitting that they wished they were brave enough to bare all, and praising me on my complete nudity. On Tuesday I was so pleased when three men we had met on a walk last year, came upon us. They admitted that they had been coming on this particular walk several times over the winter, hoping to see us again. They are all in their late twenties early thirties, unfortunately unemployed, and quite attractive in their own way. Their obvious delight at my nudity thrilled both Richard and myself, and I eagerly accepted their request for nude photographs of me both alone and with each of them.

On Wednesday I suggested to Richard that we should take the same walk. To my delight the three of them appeared again. And greeted me with close cuddles, hands clutching the naked cheeks of my bare bottom, and double cheek kissing. We were near a small group of rocks and sat and chatted for a few minutes. I have to admit that I was finding each of them as interesting as they obviously found me. I sat facing them with my legs deliberately parted about twelve inches at the knees, giving a tantalising glimpse of the bush between legs.

“I love a woman who has a nice cluster between her legs” admitted the blonde haired Tony, indicating my teasing spread. Richard glanced at me and with his eyes beckoned for me to spread my legs for them. I immediately obeyed.
“Like this?” I asked, calmly cheekily stroking the hairs around my fast moistening ****.
“Yes!” Tony replied, his eyes opening wide to take in the full vaginal exposure. “Exactly like that!”
“Are they soft or bristly to the touch?” asked the balding Alan, his eyes glued to my sexual charms.
“Why not find out for yourself!” quipped my thoughtful husband, nodding his approval to me.

My brain was already racing far ahead of either Richard or the three handsome voyeurs & I spread my legs as wide as possible for all three of them to stroke the cluster of auburn above and around my ****.
“It’s so soft!”
“Oh it is gorgeous!”
“Love the way it grows all around your *****!”.
I was loving this adoration of my nether regions, and could sense that my aroused vaginal lips were opening enticingly. I brushed a few hairs away that were curling over my tingling **** to allow them clear visual examination.

Two middle aged couples passed us on their walk. They glanced across at us, smiled, and walked on.
By this time all three of the entranced guys were stroking my whole pubic area with increased vigour.
“Would you like to **** Tania?”
They all froze for a split second on hearing Richard’s welcome question.
“Pardon?” came Ken’s nervous questioning reply.
“Would you like to have sex with my wife?” Richard repeated honestly and confidently.

My heart was doing somersaults. Oh please say yes I found myself thinking, grateful that my lovely husband had suggested such a thing out there in the open countryside. I held my breath. For what seemed ages to me, although it was probably only seconds, the three men stared between my inviting legs. Ken cleared his throat and gave a nervous glance to his mates.
“Who were you asking exactly?”
“Any or all of you” Richard replied “your choice lads”.
Ken fingered his bearded chin nervously, his unflinchingly fixed gaze not moving from my hirsute area.

“Here?” asked an equally nervous Tony “You want us to **** her here?” he repeated, not really believing that this was happening. I suppose he thought this type of thing happened only in **** books.
“No time like the present lads“ Richard continued “you can see for yourselves that she‘s ready for you”. Three pairs of staring eyes visually examined by sun drenched body. I smiled back and attempted to open my legs more - but they were already as wide apart as I could get them.
“Tell you what - forget it!” Richard snapped, quickly losing his patience with the trio.
“No!” Alan immediately cried out “I’d love to **** her!”
“And me!”
“Me too!”


There was a gradual descent behind the stones on which we were seated, and the three guys quickly undressed before Richard changed his mind. I meanwhile was attempting to get as comfortable as I could and lay on a cushion of moss with my legs akimbo, awaiting insertion.
To my delight and amazement all three of them had already achieved incredibly hard erections.
Alan kneeled between my parted legs and rested the head of his **** between my wet labia. My gasps were echoed by the other two as he thrust his hard **** into me.
“Oh yes!” I yelled, eagerly accepting it inside me. He slowly pulled back so the helmet was resting just inside my moist labia, and then thrust again! It almost took my breath away as he plunged deep inside me a second time. The sensations in my **** were fantastic as he proceeded to **** me with all the strength and expertise of a younger man

I turned my head to Richard and smiled as the naked man thrust into me time and time again.
OMG this felt so good with the hot sun beating down on our aroused naked bodies. Our lips met in a passionate open mouthed kiss, and our tongues entwined erotically as we ****** with mutual fervour.
“They are having sex!”. A woman’s voice was heard nearby, and a middle-aged couple came closer to watch.. I didn’t care. I was loving this too much to bother with anyone wanting to watch!
Alan and I were like two engrossed young lovers, kissing and ******* in equal measure. The sensations were spreading and enveloping my whole body. I didn’t want this to stop, it was so gorgeously intense!

I sensed Alan’s body quiver and shake. I knew he was about to explode. I clung tightly and braced myself as he continued to thrust deep into my grateful ****.
“Ohhh yessss!” he yelled out as he gushed his resultant juices deep inside my body. I held him close as he trembled and shook, and filled me with his life giving *****. Although I didn’t have my own ******, I still thrilled to the feel of his juices spurting inside me, and vaguely heard the applause from the earlier couple, who unbeknown to me had been joined by two more interested voyeuristic pairs.

“That was gorgeous Alan!” I thanked the heavily sweating young man as he gradually subsided and pulled out of me. The interested spectators continued to applaud as he got to his feet, his penis fast losing it’s erection. It was only then that I realised we had been watched by three couples.
The three females sat down on the large stones as their respective partners knelt beside them to eagerly watch the forthcoming action. Unfortunately Tony was suffering from embarrassment at this unexpected arrival of the audience, and quickly slipped on his pants and jeans.

My heart sank.

Thankfully Ken was made of sterner stuff and eagerly came to kneel before me. He brandished his huge erection with confidence, shaking it from side to side for the three ladies, who dutifully smiled and giggled. He was not so attractive as Alan and I decided to kneel on all fours as he positioned himself behind me. I looked up and smiled at the other two guys and the six visitors. Mmmmm! I love people watching me being ****** doggy.

I felt him fiddling with my labia obviously trying to open me up more for his large bell ended penis, and then lodge it just inside me. He laughed and asked the new audience to count him down. ******’ ‘ell - he’s treating this as a comedy! I braced myself as the girls started the countdown.. …
“Three ….Two ….. One….GO!”. His **** came flying into my **** like a rocket, burying itself against the wall of what I assume was my womb. My word, he WAS a big lad! He grasped my **** to increase his power and momentum, pulled his **** back and thrust again, pulling firmly on my breasts to get an even firmer hit on my innards! The squelching sound that was emitted told me that I should have really emptied my **** before partaking of a second penetrable intercourse. Never mind .. He was underway now and I didn’t want to interrupt his rhythm.

The squelching seemed to add to the excitement as it heightened the sound of each thrust into me.
Pull on **** …thrust …Squelch, pull on **** … thrust …squelch!
Our audience began to clap in unison with Ken’s thrusts, thus alerting other walkers to our circle of stones. A mixture of grumbles of disgust from some, mingled with shrieks of delight from others, together with the thrusting squelch of Ken’s lovely **** up me built up to a mind-blowing crescendo for yours truly as Ken and I incredibly achieved a mutual ******. His spurting **** immediately brought me to my climax and he clung to me, his head resting on my back, his hands still clutching my boobs, while pumping his gorgeous ***** deep into my orgasmic welcoming ****!

This time the applause mingled with appreciate whistling from the men as even the grumblers seemed to appreciate the beauty and expertise involved with public sex. This time I decided to empty my **** and crouched behind a large rock to allow the free flow of juices from my body. Most of the audience had gone on their way by the time I returned. The original three guys were still there, together with one of the couples. Tony wanted to know when we would be walking that way again, as he was regretting chickening out of his turn to **** me. Richard told them that we would be doing it again if the weather was nice on most weekdays, but not to expect us at weekends because families with young children tended to use weekends when schools were closed.

The guys got dressed and went on their way. Marie and Trevor, the couple who had stayed, were keen to get to know us better and asked if they could walk with us. It transpired that Marie was considering whether to apply for a nude model vacancy at a local art studio, and she openly admired me for walking naked in public.
“Would you mind if I walked naked with you?” she asked of me and Richard.
I put my usual reluctance to be with equally naked females on one side as she was such a pleasant girl , but I wasn’t looking forward to having my 38 year old boobs compared to her nineteen year old firm pert breasts.

“Let Richard undress you love” Trevor informed his pretty young girlfriend. I was NOT enamoured of his request but didn’t object. Richard took an unusually long time divesting the lovely Marie of her clothes. It seemed ages before her bra came off to reveal two extremely small breasts. Thank goodness I thought, at least mine were bigger and better. My husband then removed her thong and gazed longingly at her shaven vagina as he slowly pulled it down. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her, which made me pull in my tummy more than usual - I doubted that this had been a good idea. Thankfully Trevor suggested that he would walk with me and Marie would walk with Richard.

At least people passing would not be able to compare Marie and myself the same as if we had been walking together. I DID notice that no-one coming upon us, from that moment on, were rude about our nudity. It seemed that with more than one girl naked the grumblers and meanies withheld their rebukes. I also noticed that the males took a closer interest in the naked Marie, than with me. I also explained to Trevor the story behind other men ******* me, before a double swinging session was suggested, as although Richard admired Marie’s nudity, he certainly wouldn’t want, or be able, to **** her. I told Trevor that I would be happy to entertain him sexually, but I drew the line at my practically impotent husband - I explained about the accident. Trevor knew that Marie would not go along with him ******* and she not. I like to think that it was this that avoided the obvious embarrassment that might have been around should the suggestion ever have been openly broadcast.

Fortunately no suggestion of that kind WAS made.
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i want to see photos of your next walk !

Thank you for a great story.

Good choice, I do a lot of walkkngnude in public areas also. Would love to meet someone who is like minded.

Fantastic story, would love for you to add me. Where in england are you? Would love know where this walk is.