My Days At The Cemetery

I spend a lot of time over our local graveyard.

After my younger brother was taken from me, some years ago, im always over there.
Just to be close to him, and his girlfriend, who were both murdered together. - now they are together forever.

And I love all the different headstones- and the stories attached to them.
Some are very short stories- some tell alot more.
Each headstone was a person, a living person.
And I spend days, walking around my cemetery, sometimes with my cameras, and it's so peaceful.
Just snapping away- the birds- the rabbits- yeah - loads of wild rabbits.

It's my place to be alone. And I love walking through graveyards- anywhere I am- must have a look - see who's buried - and get to know a little about them.

It may seem a little macabre - or weird, but it's my little bit of daily therapy.

If you read this post- leave a little message- I love to know who's reading this stuff I write.


Mark xxx
expressomarkie expressomarkie
Jan 20, 2013