Walking through graveyards and reading the names of those fellow humans that have gone before reminds me of how silly and useless it is to fear death.

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yeah but i bet i'll receive more flowers and visitors when i go in there.

I use to be equally fascinated with them in my art work as a teen, but now I never visit them. Even though I miss my dead loved ones, I never visit their graves. I prefer to remember their lives. So I disagree that the most visited graves were the most loved. Some people just see no reason to visit a place where their loved ones' bones reside....they just look forward to seeing them again someday...and hold fast to memories.

Even as a child I would walk through the graveyard near us, I'd read all the names, dates and wonder what had happened to all those people. Might seem a strange thing to do when so young but it always fascinated me.

There was a graveyard next to the highschool I went to. Charlie Bertz was a four year old who died in 1967. His tombstone was a small statue of an angel donated by the church he was an ophan at. I fear this death.

I sometimes do this too. I even try to find names that I may wanna name my children after.

I SO WISH I COULD SAY THAT BUT IM A BIG COWARD!!!! I am 100% completely, excruciatingly terrified of death *shivers* You'd think that make me more careful.....

I got freaked out a few years ago when visiting a graveyard in Edinburugh. A man called James Mc Daid (which is also my name) was born on the same day as my partner but died the day i was born, he was only 19 years old when he died and there is a 19 year age gap between me and my partner.<br />
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I find it all wierd with the dates where he was born the same day as my partner and then died the day i was born, but i really dont think death is a scary thing, it comes to everyone

the ones who are loved and missed the most will be mostly visited with flowers and whatnots

Sometimes it's even more interesting to look at whose graves are being visited the most often as well...you'd think those more recently deceased would be most visited, i.e have more flowers, etc...but it's not so.


Interesting. I've never tried before, but it sounds like a poetic experience...

especially since death is inevitable. you would think that would make it easier for people to accept it.

i so agree.. how silly we are to fear it... how righteous we are to seek it