Me And The Dog Vs. The Walks

Before I got my dog four ears ago I was kind of a couch potato (or a huge couch potato) but ever since I adopted my lovely and very hyper active puppy I have gotten into the habit of walking. A lot. And over the years I have come to be slightly obsessed with walking my dog. We go out twice a day during the week for about 45 minutes and three times on weekends. Listening to my music and wandering my neighbourhood has become a completely relaxing and necessary part of my routine. Until this summer that is. I am unsure why, (maybe it's the heat?) but my woman's best friend will no longer allow me to take her for three walks in one day. I may be the first person to have ever done this but I have out-walked a border collie. You see this afternoon for the second time today I went springing into my backyard, leash in hand, calling for my dog who was lying on the other side of the lawn. She didn't even lift her head; she rolled her eyes in my direction and then closed them. Attempting to entice her to go for a stroll I opened the gate and began wandering out to see if she would follow. Which she didn't. So now I am utterly depressed; having finally forced the leash on her and half dragged her out of the backyard we went for our shortest and most unenthusiastic walk we have ever had. Sigh. She has been like this for a while now and although I am hoping this is just due to the heat of summer I dread having to trek alone through the park; oh the shame. But dog or no dog I will, because my name is Amanda and I am a Walkaholic.
Mandia Mandia
2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Lol, I love walking the dog too but my King Charles Spaniel is VERY lazy! Her two favourite things are sleeping/cuddling and eating...not walking! If you're worried about your dog though you should take it to the vets just for a check up for peace of mind :)

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