Walk, Walk, Walk

From all eternity, the pride of a human being is to walk straightly.
So, before it is too late,
Let us walk, walk. walk...straightly,
Talk, talk, talk...sweetly,
And share to one another 
Anything creatively enhance our destiny.

pukirahe pukirahe
3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Walking and talking with a friend is just one of the best pleasures i can think of:) Reserve my walking date too ! :)

Thank you. Do you see that I am still walking with frients at
Q&A Section?

Yes, with great pleasure. <br />
We will all be happy,<br />
with new friends in this century,<br />
keep on walking, talking and <br />
making a better world for future generations.

hahaha<br />
wonderfulllll !!!!<br />
can I join you walkin and talkin :D ?