Twenty Miles On Foot

Last week at 2am Sunday morning, I got in a feud at my sisters' apartment and left. Having no ride handy, I set out on foot. At first, the idea was only to go a few miles--maybe to the edge of town--and then call someone to give me a lift or bring me my car. However, when it came time that I passed the final edges of town before the highway, I didn't stop. I walked.

All in all, after six hours and twenty miles, I made it home. I have never walked that far and I don't know that I ever will again. Thankfully, I only rubbed a single small blister on my foot. What's more and arguably better, my left foot didn't bother me, which came as a surprise as I had surgery performed on it in 2010.

On my walk, I discovered that I am very grateful to the local military installations, whose boundaries I walked along because they saw fit in the past to build a nice lonnnnnnnnnng fence almost the entire way home. I live in Alaska; wild animals are a legitimate concern after the sun goes down. That fence kept me going along with my good ol' two feet.

Happy trails.
Triundi Triundi
26-30, M
3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Did the walk put the feud in perspective? You did had a lot of time to think.

Not at all, actually. In fact, I no longer call my parents since my sisters moved back in and started screening their calls.

Wow! I don't know if I could walk that far. I do about 4 on a good day. I have wondered from time to time if I could do longer if I really had to.

It was definitely a matter of having no other choice. After I left town, I didn't come across a single person who wasn't moving at 65 MPH until I got home. I made sure to drink a few liters of water before and along the way, though. My body protested most of the time, but one can push one's body to great lengths in a pinch.

Walking is a great way to calm your soul and cool your head.