Disneyphile Since 1991

If the title says, "I love Walt Disney World," that statement is true with me.

Since 1991, I have fallen in love with Disney, and I dub myself a Disneyphile. I used to go on vacation from my native New Jersey with my parents and do Disney almost every year. After a vacation, I cry because I never wanted to leave the greatest darn resort ever.

Now that I live in Florida, I love Walt Disney World even more - I even wrote a blog, Flexible Disney, to show how much I love the place!

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Yeah I love disney world especially the disney hotels , sadly now they changed the fastpast , now the lines are 100x longer , this is bad if people are new to disney because if they disabilities like I do but yeah I remember that was there and I was at Epcot and soarin was about 2-4 hours I believe

I tell ya having Disney World at your back yard, it one big playground! Hopely this year we will be getting annal passes to Disney!

As a part of their quarterly statement on in-park accidents, Disney has documented a death on one of their rides. Three major accidents were documented by Disney Parks in the three-month reporting period they have worked out with the State of Florida. You will find very few accidents to the average park visitor. All three park guests were over seventy one years of age.