The First Great Man Of American Letters

In Walt Whitman, American poetry comes of age. His style, verse, and subject matter do not hark back to the familiar European model  but is a wholly American form.  He may have been influenced by the fact that the nation moving towards an existential crisis called the civil war during his lifetime.  His two great laments on the death of Abraham Lincoln captures the morning soul of the nation and are singularly American 

" Lo body and soul - this land.
My own Manhattan with spires and the sparkling and hurrying tides, and the ships, the varied and ample land, the South and the North inn the light, Ohio shores and flashing Missouri,
And Ever the far-prairies cover'd with grass and corn. "...When Lilacs in the Dooryard Last Bloom'd.

Beautifully haunt, mystic,sad yet upbeat,  This is how Whitman sees the American spirit.  He is the father of the Oharas the Ginsbergs,  the William, Carlos Willaims.  American poets could not ask for a greater soul to have been sired from.
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Nov 28, 2012