First Expereince In Satin Shorts

I was at school when it happened. One of the boys in the gym forgot his shorts and as he was in the boxing club he was allowed to wear blue satin boxing trunks - i couldn't keep my eyes off him. However, one day I forgot my gym kit and feared I would get into trouble in class. I asked if anyone had any kit to lend me. I couldn't believe it when the boy from the boxing club said - here - borrow these. When I put them on I became immediately erect and i had to go and **** before the gym period began - I told the guy who lent me the shorts I would get my mum to wash them before I returned them (he didnt know I had wanking in them). However, when I got home I wanked myself silly in them for a couple of days before my mum washed them - the feeling is so erotic having shiny satin next to your erection!

Since then I bought several pairs of adidas shorts that I always take the lined brief out of. I stlll cant stop wanking when I wear them even though in my 50s. My fantasy is letting someone **** me in them
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8 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Try silk or satin french knickers you will love wanking in them, bliss.

Lovely feeling next to the balls and ****.

I know that feeling so well.
Had a good bf who had same ideas too wish it wasn't
so dam hard to find those shorts now a days xxxx

try some nice satin panties you will be hard all day

Hot story! You're right. They feel awsome next to your erection.

I had a pair like the kind in your pic and thats all I did in them too LOL

I have some Adidas satin shorts, too, very short, the way I like them, so they show off my thighs and knees. They have patterns on, and look as if they're meant to be underwear, but I've worn them outside very happily.

I'd be very happy to put them on and share a ****, and enjoy the feeling afterwards of all that cream.

Do you wear those shorts every day? I'd love to **** you in them.