Well Used Blue Umbros

been wanking in my tight light blue umbros for about a year now and haven't ever washed them, lol they've had so much ***** in them they're covered!

Anyway, was feeling bit kinky this morning so put on my cockring and my shorts and went to shops.

my cockring pushes my bulge into my shorts and i felt the stirring lol!

got to the till and had a full blown hardon, with a very noticable wetpatch!

i'm stood at till in my *** stained shorts with a massive hardon and the bloke serving simply said "think you need to wash your shorts!"

nearly *** there and then lol!

tonto1 tonto1
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

I wouldn't have been able to stop myself spunking inside my shorts!