She Likes To Watch Me ****

at work we are allowed to work flexy hours , i was working late one evening and only my boss and myself were left anyway as iwas sat alone i felt alittle twinge in my pants and had a rub until my **** was hard i undid my zipper and released my **** and began a sly stroke of my **** fifteen minutes later my computer beeped to tell me i had a message i opened it , **** it was my boss ,hi nice to see you putting in some extra hours but its a pity you arent concentrating on your paperwork you big boy lol , can you come to my office please. f..k im going to get the sack and die of shame , come in ,now then what would people think if they would ve come in without you seeing them ? im so sorry miss ericson ! please ! ok calm downi quite enjoyed your performence give me another showing and we shall keep this between us lock the door she was sat in her chair back to the window skirt riding up her legs ***** of for me please as i began removing my jeans my **** is growing shirt ,socks, stood in my boxers my **** straining i look to her for instructions and she is rubbing her ***** through her skirt take your shorts of and come closer and stroke your **** for me, i dropped my pants and she pushed her hand up her skirt gripping her ***** as i stroked my **** she tol me to speed up and idid so did she befor long she was fingering herself roughly telling me she was coming and to come over her face **** what a horny cow , i didnt dissapoint her and come shot of my cream into her face she was catching jets of ***** in her mouth whilst still frigging herself. now we are always working together and webcam wanking for eachother
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