Wanking With Friends

Ok so i had a free house and i had some friends over, we placed the **** into my dvd player and we all got hard, so we all dropped our trousers and started wanking, it was wicked. we all compared sizes and touched eachothers. it was amazing. i am not gay though.
TheSmallTruth TheSmallTruth
18-21, M
6 Responses Sep 14, 2010

i did that but i was the smallest! now i have a **** fetish.. lol wear panties cuz my **** is to small for pouches

Would loved to have been there with you and your friends and all your big hard beautifull *****, wanking and pleasuring each other..

Love it would love to *** and join in...

thats great would like to try that

Damn should have called me.

Sounds like fun