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First Time ****

I learned of wanking when I was 10 at a Cub Scout campout.  I was in a tent with an older boy (think he was 14).  I woke up hearing a noise coming from his side of the tent and saw him pumping his **** with his hand!   I asked him what he was doing.  He jumped, guess I startled him and he told me he was taking a ****!   I asked him what that was and he showed me.  His **** was bigger than mine, but soon I was hard too and started pumping.  I shot a load and it was so amazing.  Been doing it ever since over and over and over!
muscleboy16 muscleboy16 16-17 2 Responses Oct 21, 2010

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I didnt discover the joys of wanking til 17yo, I had mentioned my wed dreams to a trusted friend since 2nd grade, who told me how to get off..that night I went to bed w/ a jar of vaseline and practically blew off the sheets w/ my first felt so good, I did it 6 times that night

i would love to pump your **** and suck on your **** and swallow all your c u m