Satin Boxers ****

So i had never wanked in satin boxers before & only wanked wearin 2 cotton boxers one day i thought yeh i wanna **** in my satins so i tried 1st time but almost got caught & also 2nd time eventually at the end of the day i managed to get time so i rubbed it against my boxers got hard quickly & started to **** took longer than normal but was worth it. wen i came it felt like the best all week really powerful i loved wen i came how some of the *** came through the boxers where my **** was & i loved that my boxers were filled with ***.
baggyguy baggyguy
3 Responses Dec 8, 2011

God yeah. Wanking in satin boxers is the best.

I have like 20 pairs of those, and almost always will end up creaming them. My *** has a good smell so they smell good.

Same here, I almost always end up creaming mine. :)

Hot. You should try silk boxers too!

Iv tried silk boxers already ahead only thing is with the silk i got you gotta hand wash it

I've had silk boxers too, and they're too hard to maintain. The satin boxers I wear are made of polyester not the best fabric in the world, but you don't need to worry about putting them in the washer. They outlast cotton like 50x

Why silk? Isn't that what comes from the backsides of moths?

Very hot :-)