Wanking With ****.

I'm trying to become dependant on ******* myself before I can ***. I do find pee play so erotic anyway and have wanked all my adult life, but without too much trouble I find I'm able to link pee and wanking so that the two become interlinked. Take last night:
I laid in bed and began wanking, growing a nice erection but the erection reminded me of pee and at once all I wanted to do was wet myself. I waited for some pee to come and wanked quietly on a deflating *****. Eventually I leaked some pee and as it trickled to the bed sheets I became both very aroused (emotionally) and wanting to pee some more. Out came two good squirts of pee and I wanked to a climax in seconds and my ***** stayed limp.
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2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Nothing gets me aroused more than the sight, smell and feel of wet pants, nappies or my urine soaked bed.

I started mixing the two when I was somewhere around 12 years old.....so I'm already there.