Still Going Strong(ish)

I started wanking when I was 11, I used to **** a lot in the woods a with a friend or two, which was great fun there was one guy who had a beautiful ****. I have never considered myself gay or bi, but I do love ****. I still like to **** outside sometimes or in the car, and a **** buddy would be great. I am 64 now and although I don`t **** nearly as often as I used to I still love it, and my wanking sessions nowadays are a lot longer and slower.
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My first Wanking experience was not with myself but with other men. I was made to **** them off when I was very young and was paid a small amount of money each time. Latter years (13/14) I was asked to **** an older man in his house which I did. Every time I did this he kept asking me to go to bed with him which I refused because there were other men there and I knew if he had his way with me the other two would have been waiting in line. Wanking I like.Buggery is not my scene and never has been.I'm not against it with consenting men. But it's not for me. Wanking and exchanging Wanks,harmless fun.

Edging the best. Rubbing ***** for days. Keeping it thick, checking out your buddies rods.

Nothing like a clubhouse circle.

I am 68 and still **** most nights. (Mind you I'm wetting the bed more often lol !)

love to **** with you even on cam

i love wanking...when i was about and my mate used to watch my dads **** and ****....i used to love watching him *** first...i never wanted to suck him off or anything just loved comparing *****.....we did one night **** each others ***** tho.....when i *** inside him i felt weird,needless to say this would be the first and last time...we was around 13.... his mum caught us wanking one day and i hoped she saw i always wanted to **** in his room in tho hope his mum wud come in and see me ***...

Wanking is one thing the goverment can't tax. Keep at it. I am a bit older than you but still do it 4/5 times a week.

I also prefer long and slow satisfaction, I like the build up especially If could look forward to meeting up with a buddy ?

Did you ever neet a buddy?