A Good Turn earns a Good W*ank

I changed a punctured wheel in a Supermarket car park for a little old lady and in return she invited me to a free session at the health business she ran giving me it's address and 'phone number before leaving and finally saying "you will wear what you have on now if you do come won't you?" Those few words intrigued me as I was wearing quite ordinary outer clothes but had on some rubbers underneath which were a transparent latex sheath jockstrap and elasticated knickers to prevent the sheath swinging about too much in my trousers - but she couldn't know this surely?
The address from a street map was not commercial premises but a house so I could only imagine what this 'health business' was and 'phoned to find out more. "Come along now as we aren't busy in the afternoon" she said and once again reminded me to wear what I had on before - even more intriguing eh? It was a house and I was shown into a conservatory with blinds at all the windows and was immediately asked "do you have your rubberwear on?". How did you guess I asked and she explained that her late husband had been a rubber fetishist and she'd learnt from him saying that she'd detected my use of rubbers by the rustling sound when I walked and the slight aroma of the latex as it was obviously not chlorinated, and she has caught sight of my elasticated rubber waistband when my T-shirt rode up when changing the wheel.
The conservatory had a table-like couch and she invited me to str*ip off down to my underwear whilst she popped out to prepare herself and came back wearing nothing but a rubber mackintosh and latex Directoire knickers and then laid down on the couch undid the mackintosh and invited me to get on top of her. "I'm keeping my knickers on but take yours off" she said and lay on top so that I can look straight at your belly button which put my throbbing erection directly in line with her robust and very handsome bosom. She then wrapped the mack round us both like a rubber cocoon, clamped her upper arms tightly to her body which thrust her breasts tightly together and she steered my penis between them and began to shrug her shoulders in a lovely 'up and down' motion. "Just let it all go when you're ready" she said and "don' t worry that you're not in that nice sheath to catch it all but I've kept my latex bloomers on to catch the love juices which  I always squirt out when giving a man a t*it-roll"  It wasn't too long before the gliding motion on my stiffness brought about an enormous climax which didn't bother her in the least as she had smothered her breasts with baby oil before I squirted over her and she took pleasure in mixing the whole lot together and smearing it in the inside of my jockstrap so that when I pulled it back on I could wear a slippery reminder of the occasion.
Before leaving she said that the 2 chinese girls who 'worked' for her had seen clients in plastic pants etc. but never rubber and would be very excited if I could return and display my rubbers to them in exchange for .......... but that's another story of my visit to, what turned out to be a massage parlour (brothel?).

Should I write it? What do you think?
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Should you write it ! What do you think ? lol I can't wait so get scribbling