Being Dirty

I am sat here very horny right now. I am at work. No matter where I am, I am horny and get rock hard really quick. Ok, I don't have a massive ****, but I know how to use it. I am bisexual and married.

I absolutely love going on the net and watching guys **** and more. In fact there's nothing other than pain that turns me off to be honest. Don't get my wrong, I love ***** and can spend forever down on a girl. I've often thought about joining a couple for some dirty action and licking *****/sucking **** for the couple.

I have many fantasies, some really dirty which I won't mention as it's not to everybody's taste, but no matter where I am I want to sneak off and ****.

I can be thinking about all kinds of things whilst wanking, from having a ********* or one to one fun with a guy. The thought of meeting up with a guy who is new-ish to this kind of thing is particularly exciting. I've wanked about younger guys and about older men too, and I don't really have a type. I often sneak off to the toilet with my iPad and load up a **** site and spend a long time ******* off over guys. I love young skinny guys, and older chubby daddies too.

Recently Ive wanted to meet a guy somewhere and just **** either in front of each other or **** each other off, maybe outside somewhere in the cold (yes, don't know why this gets me off) or public toilet or their place. The thought of meeting a guy who is seeing a female and exchanging our wives' underwear whilst sniffing them is a huge turn on.

I was sat on the toilet earlier thinking about guys watching me slowly stroke my throbbing ****. I'd be ok with Skype, but personally, the thrill of meeting a stranger or strangers and just slowly wanking off makes me rock hard. I was sat on the toilet with my **** in my hand, imagining a guy was spying on me and stroking the *** out of his ****. It didn't take long to get hard or horny....... and I shot my load everywhere. Usually I **** several times a day (do you?) so obviously I don't *** bucketloads each time, but I held off over the past few days...therefore I sprayed a huge load all over the place.

I haven't written this as a fake story. This is really me and how I feel. I genuinely want to talk to guys (or girls or couples) privately or in person who want to discretely have fun with a guy who is ALWAYS horny. I work for myself and have my own transport so I can be anywhere with my **** in hand at short notice haha.

Are you as horny as me? message me folks. No strings attached...just horny fun. Don't care if youre 18 or 80, black or white, skinny or fat.

I need another **** now haha
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Jan 19, 2013