Younger Days

When I was about fourteen, I used to go around a friend's house to chill out, play computer games etc, every visit following pretty much the same pattern; that is until one day. We were hanging out in his garden shed, our boys den, when he first suggested it.

"We should start a sex club" he said, catching me off guard.

"But there are no girls here?" I said, naively.

"That doesn't matter, we can still have some fun" He said and my pulse began to race.

I was too young at that point to see anything wrong with it, so we both removed our trousers and looked at what we had to offer.

His was a thick and meaty offering, it stiffened in my hand when I gave it an exploratory stroke and mine hardened in response. We started by stroking each other, the feeling of someone else's hand on my developing manhood a new and welcome experience to me. I could tell he was more experienced at handling his meat than me by the way he expertly teased me. I did my best though and stroked diligently, savouring the feel of every inch. We tossed for a while, at one point he held both of our ***** in his one hand and stroked them as though they were one.

Our tossing became more intense and our breathing deepened, this was all so new and exciting, I loved the way he felt in my hand and how I felt in his. He moved down my body and began sucking my testicles as he pulled me, that was it, my young seed erupted over his hand and he lapped it up willingly; he didn't take too long to follow suit, and we looked at each other; naked, young and breathless.

After this we met many more times to 'help each other out' as we called it, it was purely physical but very intense and kickstarted my love of a good tug.
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I love the line, "His was a thick and meaty offering" - very graphic.