Wanking In Trackies and Trousers

i love wanking coz i love ***** and getting all ova me black trackies and black trousers letting ti dry then wearing them with a massive tine in them.

wanker1 wanker1 13-15, M 8 Responses Mar 13, 2009

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I often had a few white marks on my school trousers by the fly area.

Reading your story made me ooze pre-***

i love wanking over my black trosuers and trackies and showing off my hot thick *****

I accidently wanked off in my black school trousers when I was about 14 it felt soo good shooting off into my trousers and feeling the damp patch afterwards that I always did it in my trousers, jeans, cargos, underpants and shorts and still do. Just now I'm really into wanking off and cuming inside my trackies.

I used to **** through my pockets when at school I was never brave enough to *** as I didn't know what to do with the *****. Me and my mate used walk to the toilet after a class spent wanking with our hands on our ***** through our pockets and then bring ourselves off, chucking our *** at the porcelain where it would look slightly yellow against the white.

I've been wanking inside my pants ever since I started doing it at school sitting next to my mate. We would put our hands in each others pcokets and **** each other trying to make it last as long as possible and stopping each other as we got close. One day I wouldn't stop and made him shoot inside his pants and the feeling of his **** throbbing away made me come inside mine. After that we did it a lot.

Mmm! And you think others don't know why you are smiling?

I have some old trousers with large holes in the pockets so I can touch the nylon of my briefs against my erect penis. I can gently stroke my member until I *** inside my trousers. I let it dry until there are dry crusty patches on the legs of the trousers and then **** again and again until I finally wash the trousers.