50 Years of Wanking

Im 63 now. i started when i was 12, just playing with my ****. one day as i was playing, it got so hard it hurt.i continued rubbing and stroking and all of a sudden i got that feeling you get when you ******. except i didnt *********! I loved this feeling and did it anytime i found the time and a secret place. One day, i was wanking and felt it all building up inside me. faster and faster i wanked and then....... i exploded, shooting a huge stream of *** right accross the room! My first ***********, awesome. Ive been wanking almost every day since then. My **** is hard remembering that time.... must got.... things to do ....mmmmmmm

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Wellington Boots have always made me want to **** - all my life! Wearing Wellington Boots, seeing other wearing Wellington Boots, pictures of folk in Wellington Boots. Being out with somebody when we both are wearing Wellinggton Boots is wonderful. Odd perhaps, but i would not want to change!

I started wanking before the age of nine. I used to **** under the desk at school and got very behind. I was so afraid of getting caught but I couldn't stop and the blisters were painful. <br />
As I grew towards my teens I could get turned on by anything. I was always stopping on my way home from school or friends houses. There were many alleys and footpaths and I'd fantasise as I walked, zip open or jeans undone, letting my jeans slide down. I'd get off the path, behind a tree or bush, if I could, or anywhere slightly hidden. I was always afraid of being seen. Yet my fantasies were often about striptease or showing off. Once out of sight I'd let my jeans down, show off my underwear, take them down and ......... The more I took off the quicker I came. Always terrified that someone would happen upon me. Eventually I plucked up the courage to perform infront of guys a little younger than myself. That was the start of some wonderful experiences, but that's another story.

i to have been wanking for 40 yrs and its soooooooooo good i am now thinking of looking for a **** buddy only wanked with other boys when i was 14 -15 that was fun as most boys have done but now iam turnd 50 i would like to try it with a guy of around my age agian outside wnking such a turn on.

A **** IS AWFULLY NICE, I like my own hand, my Wife can give a good **** as well as a very good shag up her wet ****, but I still think I know my own **** best and my own hand wanks are still the best even after all these years.

I am 75 and have been at it since I was 7, but old age makes it a rarer but still pleasurable occupation

I love wanking too. I used to **** with a friend and loved feeling his hot ***** on my hand. He liked me to **** him slow. I loved it when he rubbed me fast. Lovely memories.

Hey, I am the unofficial ****** champion: between 5-10xx daily, everyday for 40 years. I love it; it's so much better than sex with another person or penetrative sex. <br />
Why? Well, if you must know i've got barely a 2 inch **** and the only one i'm gonna satisfy with a **** that little is myself so i take full advantage of it. Besides i get off on beautiful size queens and big ***** and small penis humiliation so there's no end of opportunities to jerk myself off silly everyday. Oh yeah been married three times and my "sexual dysfunction" was the reason each marriage failed. But it's been fun.

I have been wanking since I was 6 years old. I am now 62 and still enjoying it. Go for it and enjoy the pleasure. As I have gotten older I have learned to slow down and enjoy the experience. It is so nice to just relax and make it last forever.