Wanking While Driving My Car

i like to **** when i am driving.   the longer the drive the better.  when a women is in the car to my right i  slow down to let her watch.  it is wonderful how many will smile i watch.  i also like to edge when in the car.  make it last as long as i can.  once there was a young girl in the back seat and she saw me.  scared the hell out of me but she just look and didn't say anything to her mom. 

clberry clberry
66-70, M
1 Response Dec 26, 2009

Hey it’s great to see you are still enjoying a good ****. I love wanking in my car too. The beauty is it provides wonderful opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available. My favorite places, and where I’ve found the biggest reward are at parks and shopping centers. Usually my **** is already semi hard when I set off, but the sight of an attractive woman bending over and putting shopping in her car will almost always bring my **** to full attention, particularly if I get a good view of her panties stretched across her ***. The great thing about watching a woman bending over and loading her car is that it can take quite a time which gives the stroking time to work and makes for a fantastic **** while I take in the view. Mickeymysterious@yahoo.com