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I am beginning to think this is my personal web space. C'mon guys, get with the program.
I enlisted in the army in 1970. I was 18 and just out of high school It was the height of the antiwar movement but I didn't care. I joined mostly to escape my homelife, but also out of a sense of duty and my family tradition. One of my great grandfathers served with the 4th Minnesota in the civil war. My maternal grandfather was a blacksmith with the AEF in WWI, rode with Blackjack Pershings' cavalry. My father turned 18 in February, 1945 and was still in flight school at the end of WWII. Most of my uncles served, every branch of service except the coast guard. Now it was Vietnam and it was my turn.
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i was on a boat 5 miles off the coast Yankee station aircraft carrier 68 think you to

The navy did a great deal to support us on the ground, especially your aircraft. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart

think you every much not much on words nice to have a war brother

Yes, thank-you for your service to our country!

Don't get much of that, thanks

I KNOW what you mean i was called a baby killer

worse, and spat on too. Didn't you love the government directive that we travelled in full dress uniiform? Might just as well painted targets on us.