I Just Want to Squeeze Something

I love the warm fuzzy feelings i get when somebody cares ... the warm fuzzy feelings when you see people helping others... the fuzzy wuzzy feelings when a really good movie has made you want to be a better person... the warm fuzzy feelings you get when somebody smiles... when your team has won the Grand Finals.... when someone you care about has a great moment .... when ....  sigh ... I love warm fuzzy feelings... makes me happy & smile alot.

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14 Responses Jun 23, 2007

Hmm. Shouldn't I be in the oven or under the grill if you're glazing me, rather than in the stockpo..... HEY! GERROFF! STOP THAT!! *Peers about the oven* In future, I'm going to keep my beak shut :P

mmmmm honey glaze Dodo wings ....

I HEARD THAT. *bangs about inside the stock pot* Hmmm. Smells like rosemary and thyme and a cinnamon stick in here. And my wings are coated in some sort of glazing!! What the?!?

mmmmm Crispy Dodo .... First dibs on the wings ... mmmm Dodo wings ... HEY !! i think he's still awake !! um ......

*is very disturbed to wake up INSIDE the stockpot* Feels... warm in here? And my head feels fuzzy? And I feel like... someone put stuffing up my *bleep*!!!!!!!!

Wooo hooo its a fuzzy wuzzie cook up !! dibs on the Dodo !!! its the last of its kind .... worth more alive people !!! get him while he's down !!!!

I don't know... but I can suddenly see four fishes, and four stovetops!!!

Awwww .... um ... is there a doctor in the house ??

That's not a trick, is it? I can trust you, right? Ok, ok, ok then. *watches the stove* *KKKKKKERRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSLLLLAAAAAPPPP* *reels from Massive Fishslap To Side of Head*

Hahahaha Just watch the stove !

*ducks to avoid getting clobbered by mapleman's fish*

Awwwww ....... Group hug !!!!

*puts a stockpot full of fuzzies on the stovetop to warm up slowly*

i get my fuzzy-wuzziness from anything mcr-related! teheheh.... and when hugs are also a major source! oxo