Eating Fat Turds

I mostly get to eat only my own ****. I have had a hard time finding anyone to play with as far as scat goes. I have eaten from a couple of women in my life and thoroughly enjoyed that. But this is mostly written about eating my own crap. I like to eat it when it first comes out of my hole, when it is still very warm and fragrant. I prefer it to be firm enough to hold its shape but not so firm as to feel like clay in my mouth. I like to hold it in my lips like a big cigar and slowly suck it into my mouth, feeling the warmth and the texture. It is really hot to have it just under my nose and be able to inhale the wonderful odor of fresh laid ****. Once I have it in my mouth I usually mash it against the roof of my mouth so that the flavor just explodes all over my tongue. After that, I just chew and swirl it around my mouth and begin to let the saliva and **** mix and begin to flow down my gullet. I have to swallow small amounts a time but that is ok because it lets me enjoy the bittersweet flavor longer.
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46-50, M
1 Response Dec 9, 2011

Love a warm hard turd in my mouth. love to suck on it a long time.