Any one got any good anime recommendation that aren't as popular? Like I've seen aot, will see sao 2 once more episodes are out, same with no game no life, fairy tail, irregular high school, black bullet :P also future diary!

So, yeah any good anime recommendations? Love comedy, superpowers, supernatural, little romance in the anime is awesome too! :P The anime doesn't have to fall along those lines just suggestions! :3
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4 Responses Aug 17, 2014

U ever seen Inuyasha? Chrono Crusade is a good as well but only 22 episodes :(

Usagi drop

those are amazing animes <3 One that i think you'll like is called One Week Friend~It's about a girl that loses her memories of her friends every week and b/c of that she distances herself from other ppl. ---I've actually gotten my 12 year old cousin, who hated, just hated anime b/c of the art style (=.=), etc but i got her hooked b/c of this anime~ U can find it on crunchyroll~

np >u< hope u like it >u<

Well there is Oran Highschool but idk if that would be in your interests

It's about this girl who is poor but goes to a rich highschool and she walks into the wrong room one day and it is this room with a club called the host club and it's all these boys and they think she is a boy (shirt hair flat chest) and she knocks over a really expensive base and they decide she has to work it off ok that sounds really boringv but it's better than I make it sound

:p no problem! Tell me if u like it or not