Black And Hot

Although we have hooked up with hundreds of black men to have sex with my girlfriend, nothing compares to black men who qualify as genuine Big Black Bulls. I love the way a Big Black Bull takes charge of my girlfriend and uses his authority, his confidence, and his attitude to charm her into doing anything he wants. We have two Big Black Bulls who come over to our house regularly (on different days) to **** my girlfriend. Each of them has a muscular beefy build and is very well hung. And, the best part is that I get to watch. I usually kick back in a chair and stroke my **** while I'm watching her suck his ****. It's incredibly hot to watch his big thick **** stretching her **** hole, ******* it, then rewarding her with a massive load of *** deep inside her ****.
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OUCH!<br />
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Love the sean / thought!<br />
thanks for sharing.

You girls have lucky get to see it and feel your soaking ***** afterwards..We do the same thing, although wife now likes to be alone so she can be less inhibited...Her last lover likes it when they are in our bed, with my pillow under her butt and then letting the *** drip on my pillow. Before that, she always had a kleenex by the bed...but he said no more, he wants his *** to run out..Hot women..gotta love them

wow - please please look at my profile - i will become your third black bull - trust me xx

Very hot!

She's had sex with "hundreds" of black men? Literally?? OMG, that is wild to heat how passionately committed you two are to this lifestyle!! Bravo! Plus it sounds like I have some serious competition too in adding more lovers to my history, lol. I better get busier then. I LOVE black men, insanely so, the sex is outta this world, partially because of how big most of their ***** are, and the rest due to what you described, their dominantly assertive style of sex, take charge and aggressively **** us. It's how most girls likes and wants to ge ******!