Cinema Magic: Oh What Possibilities

Their is nothing better then slowly circling around a pointed long thick nipple with your tongue, slowly taking it into your mouth and working the nipple and the full breast back and forth towards the back of your mouth until that delicious nectar begins flowing down your throat.  If only they made more movies allowing those of us that absolutely love to watch breast feeding, more opportunities to enjoy such a wonderful experience.  The perfect movie would be two lovely ladies with full, firm, creamy white breasts, thick pointed full nipples, facing the opposite direction lying on a bed side by side enjoying each others creamy nectar, with little drips slipping out of their mouths every so often.  It would end with both ladies fingering each other's ***** until they ****** together.

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8 Responses Feb 25, 2010

chek out this video...<br />
<br />

pl's, can you send me that video by e mail, because i cant open it here in saudi arabiya, its blocked. pl,s, my mail id,

Gingermilk that was a great link - lots of videos to get my nipples throbbing and my milk dripping XX

check this out...lovely...has my ***** dripping<br />

Its has also made me very wet too - my nipples are dripping

That would be great too, but only if I was one of the men.

i would prefer a situation where a lady is milked dry by two men at the same time...

Glad you enjoyed it, one of my favorite things to think about. Would love to watch or participate in something like that, although I am a man and do not have breast milk.

damn.. that story made me wet