I'm Amazed By What I See In The Clouds Everyday.

I have been a photographer for a few years now and one day, my fiance and I were riding home from the grocery store when I grabbed my camera from the back seat and started taking pictures of the sky. I snapped about 4 shots and then something made me jump back; almost causing her to go in the opposite lane. (Excuse my language) She yelled "what the hell wrong with you?" I asked her if she had seen what I had seen? The sky turned redish black and I saw people in the clouds. There fighting, there was a war happening in the clouds, right before my very eyes. I couldn't wait to get home and look at the images I had just captured. I saw, vividly, a man with his arms around the head of a demon, sticking a dagger into the mouth of theĀ  beast. In the corner of the left frame, the sky is a beautiful blue day with an eye watching the battle.

Even though we didn't look at those pictures that day, the thought simply slipped our minds. But it wasn't until a few weeks afterwards when I was clearing my memory cards from a recent trip to Dallas, TX; that I noticed the cloud pictures. My fiance says she sees a snake like figure coming closer to my camera. Other people say they see other things. But I know what I saw that day. Take a look for yourself at www.RecapLife.comReccapaplife
RecapLife RecapLife
May 7, 2012