I Love the Sport!!

I love to watch football.  It normally surprises gentlemen that I spend time with when I can name the line up for my favorite team. Although the tight pants, firm behinds and endless muscles are a wonderful benefit when watching a game I love the sport itself.  I actually know most of the rules and fully understand what is going on down on the field.  I am a football loving girl.  I am in particular a Colts fan and adore Peyton Manning.  DO NOT INTERRUPT ME IF PEYTON IS ON THE FIELD OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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16 Responses Mar 18, 2008

As i said before i love to play it, but watching is boring as hell for me.

Ahh PC I am glad you are pulling for the Colts as well. <br />
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Yepper MT! I am ready now.

Jealous of who? Peyton? HA.<br />
<br />
At least we will have something to talk about when football starts.<br />
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Only 3 months left.

LOL he is better than nasty Rex any day!!!!

LOL Oh it would matter in the bedroom when I start calling the plays I am sure.

MT, Don't be jealous!!! lol

* Hangs and shakes head at FG * you will see the light some day and Peyton isn't all that.<br />
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Your just in love with him but this too will pass when he gets traded off.

No way Cat. I am a Colts fan 24/7/365 and 366 in leap years.

WhooHoo, football season is coming! GO U of O DUCKS!!!

Sexy Rexy sucks too much for my taste (lol) It was so awesome because I was so excited. My ex boyfriend was such a huge Bears fan. I about peed my pants because I was so excited. Nothing against you because you seem so sweet.

I have never seen women's hockey but it might be a blast to play.(as long as I was able to block my teeth. I like them too much to have to wear them on a chain.)

Looper so I can count on you crying in your beer the rest of the night....<br />
<br />
Chris, And such nice hands they are baby. mmm lol

I'd like to get a football game going with fungirlmmm. Instead of playing tackle or flag football, I propose..."Two hand touch" Hehe

Win, loose or draw i will always be a Packer fan. As long as both team show up and play the game I always believe the better team wins when they write down the final score.

You know I am but the question is will you be up for it especially seeing as your team is going away licking their wounds.

We have a big game coming up this season, no date yet but it's up in green bay. You up for a road trip?