No Football Sucks!!!!!!!!

I'm so addicted to the NFL games during the season and the withdrawal affect when the season is over that it just sucks.

Thank heaven for the NFL network to keep the addiction at bay.

I'm a Pats fan since '84, yea lets hear it.

Wife is a Broncos fan and she is having a hard time with their changes.

But we both cheer for the Texans.

Only 6 months left. 

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Hi, I am also a HUGE football fan. Love the Broncos and am so sick that they lost 2 in a row. I live near Baltimore and attended that game - sad. Then last night - oh my! Football is such a big part of my life for a few months a year.Sometimes it is my only sanity in a crowded and unforgiving world. GO BRONCOS!

March MADNESS. It is needed.