My Wife First Story

Well first can i start by thanking all of you who showed an interest in me writing about some of my memories of the last 30 years with my wonderful wife. I showed her the comments and she was impressed so she told me to go for it and tell you all. Pictures is a maybe, if she is happy they will be put in my profile, lets hope she agrees!

This first story is one which i remember well, it is from about 18 years ago when she was 29 or 30. It was not a planned holding session, just turned into one and I always found these to be the best.

I had bought her some clothes for Christmas and of course being a man, a new leather jacket i had bought didn't fit, so a few days after Christmas we decided to take it back, change it and hit the sales. Now we live out in the sticks in Wales, so our nearest city for shopping is about 65 miles away, so we left decided to leave home at 7.30 so we would be able to park.

She got up at 7.00am and had her usual mug of tea for breakfast, and we left on time, she was wearing tight spandex leggings and heels with a top and a short leather jacket. We got to the city by 9-00 and parked, and decided it was breakfast first, had breakfast and she had a mug of coffee and started shopping. By 11.00 we decided to have a drink because the bacon had been salty and it we both had dry mouths. had coffee and were in the cafe when i said i would go and have a pee, no problem, came back and sat down and she said she would have one as well. She was only gone for about 30 seconds and when she got back i said "that was quick", "no way am i using those toilets they are disgusting" she said, "I will wait". So we carried on, by about 1-00 we had done most of the shopping we needed in the city centre so we headed back to the car with the bags, I could see her looking around on the way back for the toilets and sure enough we came to some. "just going to the loo" she said and headed off, but was back in 10 seconds "closed" she said, "seems its not my day to be able to pee today". Well that started the old brain turning, and i felt the first stirring in the trouser dept.

We got back to the car and got in, "so if its not your day to pee babe, why not make it a day where you cant pee?" i said. She looked at me and smiled, "I guessed when I said it wasn't't my day it would get you thinking" she laughed "ok why not" she said. "So how full are you" i asked "getting full but I'm ok" was the answer, "so we need to get you fuller then and see you squirm" I told her, "so lets go hit some more shops".

We drove out of the city centre and went to the outskirts where there was a large shopping retail park, and i took her straight for lunch. We spent almost an hour in the cafe because i told her she needed two coffees to keep herself hydrated (yes i can be a mildly cruel sod) and then we left. It was almost 2.30 by now and she hadn't been to the toilet for over 7 hours, so i asked her again how she was doing, "lets just say don't make me stand in one place too long or people might start to notice" was her answer, knowing that it was exactly what i would get her to do, "so you are pretty full now then?" i asked, "yes" was the reply.

We started walking round the stores, and i browsed a lot, stopping to check things out, she would stop as well and stand with the stance women have when they need to pee, sort of tipping the hips over so it just puts a little pressure on the pee pipe and helps, we spent an hour round the stores, and by the end she had changed to the crossed leg stance whenever we stood still for more than 10 seconds, a sure sign to us who know what to look for, but not so outrageous that it is common knowledge to all

By 3.30 we were back in the car and she instantly crossed her legs when she sat down, "feeling a bit full now babe" i asked, "getting desperate would be nearer the truth" she replied. Ok theres nobody about so can i check you out please i asked. If we play the game of her holding, i like to check her out when she is getting full, I check her bladder and sometimes slip a finger inside her to see how tight she is getting, and you can feel the bladder well from inside her vagina. She looked around the car park, but we were parked on our own and there wasn't anyone near, she uncrossed her legs and i put my hand on her abdomen, sure enough it was tight and full, she has a slim figure, not skinny, she is just slim and shapely, but i could feel the bulge and the tension in her abdomen, I gently squeezed it and she winced, "be careful please babe " she said, "i really need the loo bad", " "so i can see" i answered, "better start heading home i think", "yes please she said".

We started driving home, but on the way we saw B&Q and i remembered genuinely something i needed and as it was sale time it might be cheaper so i pulled into the car park, "can i stay in the car?" she asked, "no please come in with me you are making me so horny" i answered so she did, we went in and found the item and joined the queue for the tills, I was standing behind her and she immediately crossed her legs, i was watching her cute bum and i could see her clenching and relaxing her muscles to hold the pee in, she was having a hard time looking relaxed now and i guess if anybody had looked long enough they would have guessed that she was a woman with a problem, her legs were tightly crossed and when we moved in the queue she took a step and crossed them again straight away. That queue took about 5 minutes to get us to the till, and by then she was showing even more signs, cross her legs one way, then cross them the other. While the guy at the till was totaling our purchases i saw him look at her a few times, now she is a beautiful woman, and i know she has always had admirers and I'm a lucky guy to be with her, but after he checked fer face, i saw his eyes go down to her legs and I'm sure he knew what the problem was, and he kept looking at her on the sly for the entire time we were paying.

Back in the car she took off her shoes and slipped one heel underneath her and sat on it, pressing it into her pee hole, "now i am desperate" she said, "please get me home or there will be an accident". We headed home, and she sat there rocking on her heel and squirming, i reached over and felt her belly, "oh god be gentle please" she said, "I'm really full now" and she was, her stomach was sticking out and tight, i gently squeezed it again and she gasped. "you are loving this aren't you" she said. "you know i am babe i answered, "but there is a long time before you pee yet you know that!"

We drove towards home and after about 45 minutes i stopped at a local garage, "come on i said, its time to buy you a drink" her face dropped, but she got off of her heel and put her shoes on and we went into the garage, i got her a bottle of coke and we went to pay, now it was obvious she needed to pee, and so i said to the guy at the counter "got any toilets mate?",yeah round the back he said looking at my wife, we went out and round the side of the garage, she was looking at me strangely as if she knew something was not right. The toilets were just a single unisex room with one standard toilet, " come on" i said and took her inside and locked the door, "whats happening" she asked? "i am having a pee i told her and stood there and had a long satisfying pee in front of her "oh you bastard" she said as she watched and she put her hand between her legs and squeezed herself while crossing her legs over her hand, "oh god im going to **** myself in a minute" she moaned. "No your not" i told her as i zipped back up "your not a baby, you can hold it, but i want to have a feel inside" i said . She slowly uncrossed her legs and took her hand away and i pulled down her leggings and lacy white knickers, the area above her pubic hairs was swollen and it extended up to her stomach, i could tell she was really full, she had drunk almost a litre of coffee/tea which is both mildly diuretic and not had a pee for about 10 hours (i have known her hold it for almost 32 hours before but thats another story and circumstances and amount she drunk was different). I gently kissed her on the abdomen, i had a raging hard on at this point and would have loved to make love to her there and then, but i just slipped a finger gently inside her. She was tight, and she groaned as i did it, but she was wet from the fact she was horny as well as desperate and my finger slid in. I could feel her bladder wall pressing on my finger and i gently poked it and rubbed it, she groaned again and her legs quivered "please babe, don't or i will pee" she said, so i took my finger out and she pulled her clothes back up.

We went back to the car and carried on, i gave her the bottle of coke and told her she needed to finish that before we got home. She was sitting on her heel again and had crossed her legs as well and sat there rocking and sipping the drink. We got home about 5.15 and went into the house, she was dancing now and had given up any attempt to hide her desperation. "What now" she asked, "lets get you changed into something else" i said (I love her in short skirts and stockings, but its not the clothes to wear out in winter) so we headed up to the bedroom,what a site, a desperate dancing lady, getting undressed, while trying to hold herself and unable to stand still, seeing her put stockings and suspenders on, while trying to not pee herself gave me a major hard on and i went behind her and put my arms round her waist "don't, please don't im nearly peeing" she said, but i hugged her and squeezed her bladder, it was sticking out like she was 2 months pregnant, and was hard as rock "oh god don't she said grabbing herself again (she was naked now apart from the stockings and the white lacy knickers) and i could not wait any longer, so i lay her on the bed and took off her knickers and kissed her bewteen the legs, she was moaning, bucking her hips and i could see her pee muscles clenching and clenching, "please" she said "F$%k me". So we made love, slowly and gently, and it did not last long, we came almost together and then she exploded and started peeing herself.
She stopped the flow and jumped up and ran to the en-suite and peed for about 40 seconds, a hard stream and then she came back to the bed and we made love again.

This is a true story, im not here to make up things, so if you want more let me know, if its not graphic enough im sorry, if the fact she didnt pee for 3 minutes afterwards or drink 4 ltrs before is not enough for you im sorry, but i give accounts of my wife, a real woman, who can hold over a litre of pee, and who can hold for a long time, but im talking real time, not some of the storys i read on here where the woman holds for 3, 4, 5, 6 days, and then pees 2 gallons that is fantasy, this is fact, maybe there are some super women out there, but i have a normal one, who I love dearly and would never do anything to hurt her or push her farther than she wants, she knows that if it is too much she just has to tell me and we stop, but so far in 30 years she never has.

Be interested in your comments, and i do have pics and vids, but im looking to share those with people who have simliar to share back, or am i the only man here with a wife or partner who indulges in this?
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Accidental, playful desperation. Lovely! The bladder wall feels different from the inside just before she reaches her limit, at least in my experience. Is that true for your wife?

That was one amazing story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My goodness, you're one lucky guy! I look forward to reading about more of you and your wife's exploits!

Great Story! Would love to have this done to me. I have a small bladder; I can only hold 575 ml and the pain is incredible with that amount in me, but I would love it if someone would have sex with me holding this amount.

I can't believe you aren't deluged with volunteers sweetgirl!

lovely story :) pictures would be cool too if u just want

That was a great story! I loved it!

That's a great story, and you describe the situation perfectly.. Your wife is very "entertaining" and you create a wonderfully sexy image of her tension and desperate state. And congratulations on such a long marriage-it sounds a really "exciting" one, and one full of love too :)