Guys And Their Video Games... ^.^

When they get frustrated or are on the losing side or keep getting killed, it is so worth watching!

I usually always wind up crouched in the corner nearly ******* my pants laughing and just getting a kick out of it for days, weeks, MONTHS afterwards. XDDD
It's really enjoyable. :D
deadmoon deadmoon
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5 Responses Nov 30, 2011

This statement is too general.<br />
I, personally, do not care a bit if I lose or not, and I have always found it weird, how most people put so much meaning and effort into a game.<br />
No, really, a calm mind and slowness of movement is so much better for computer game experience, than dependence on... yeah.<br />
That doesn't make any sense, and nobody gives a **** anyway.

Not really... :(<br />
But I guess if you were here I might..

lol... you should watch me play.

If you make a commotion when you're about to get killed or lose or have those "oh ****, oh ****, oh ****!!!!" moments often, I will enjoy it just fine. XD

Guess you wouldn't enjoy watching me play then... I don't lose or die often :S