I Am So Happy

Now that I have got a DVD player again, I can watch Faces in the Mob again and as often as I want. And isn't that just the most gorgeous picture of Sally on there? Please tell me you think she is beautiful. I just love that photo and I want others to love it too.
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2011

thank you one69, it is nice of you to say that. Pixie doesn't get tired from walking. She runs around in circles just to be able to run fast and do some fancy cornering, just for the sheer joy of it. It's beautiful to watch. Sally used to do that too. At least once a day, usually twice, she would do at least three laps of the house absolutely flat out, darting off into the corners of the garden, dodging around trees and changing direction without slowing down one bit, it was amazing really. Certainly one of those things you feel kind of privileged to see in real life.

It is pretty cool Booklover !. Pity you didn't still have her really, then when Pixie gets tired from all that walking she could jump in the pouch and hitch a ride !!.<br />
Good to see that you are looking up at the bright side of life again too !. We would miss you if you weren't here.