Its More Fun From Afar

I just heard a story from a person traveling in the US last weekend that the car they were driving was struck by lightning. I always believed since a car has rubber tires, therefore no direct conductor to ground, that it could not be struck by lightning, or if it was it would somehow pass through. It turns out thats not true.

The result of this lightning strike pushed the car 100ft away from the location of where it was struck. The lightning struck the defrost lines on the back windshield causing the window to melt. The heat of the strike also caused all of the electronic units to burn out, the transmission and drive train to melt along with the under carriage unit of the car. The top layer of pavement under the transmission was also melted.
The Police also told the driver that if she had been on the cell phone during the strike that the electrical charge would have caused her to be electrocuted. The charge cord and phone would have become a conductor of the electricity.

She was pretty shaken up but was OK - no burns and she had a seatbelt on.

I think I'll watch from afar.

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Sep 21, 2012