Always Have

i grew up watching mama's family, and it's still one of my favorite shows to this day. even though the harpers were always feuding, there was still something so loving and cozy about their little house in raytown. when i was in elementary school, i'd sometimes catch a rerun on early in the morning while i got ready for school, and it'd put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. i still know every episode by heart. it'd be impossible to pick a favorite, as i love them all, but one that comes to mind right now is the one where iola catches the harpers selling her handicrafts at their yard sale. :)

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2 Responses Jan 17, 2010

Me too and lately, I think I might be turning into Mama just a little. :-O

omg, i had seen that clip once before, quite a while ago. i LOVE it! it's so funny, you can see the others are absolutely twitching trying to keep their cool, and then at the end both guys fall on the floor...haha, love that! :D