There's nothing better than this. I'd love to do it right now even, cuddled up next to someone watching a comedy or some cheesy movie like Sharknado to laugh at. It'd take away the pain and make things just feel relaxed and nice. My ex who painfully jumped from me to another guy when he said he needed to get his life together earned brownie points for doing this and it was strangely nice, just spending that relaxed and comfortable time with someone made everything feel not so bad. I wish I had more friends I can do this with :(
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Haha, I love this post. But one thing that really caught my eye was Sharknado. I think that's the most awkward film in history.. :)

But I like sharks.. just not with tornadoes.

Haha, thanks. The movie was painfully awkward, but it's also really funny to watch because it's that cheesy.