Lap Dance For The Wife

We go to ***** clubs every once in a while. When we do my wife always wears short skirts and no panties. She sits with her legs spread so if your sitting close enough, in dark lighting, you can see her bare *****. Sometimes the dancers will see and come talk to her after they dance on stage. I try to get her a lap dance with the hottest girl working that night. Last time there that is exactly how it played out. I got her a private dance and paid extra for me to come along. The dancer immediately straddled my wife and started to rub on her big ****. Kissing her on the check. The top came off the dancer and she would put her nipples in wife's face and she would start sucking on them. My **** dying in my pants, I rub the dancers *** a little but she says that is all that is aloud and the camera is watching. The wife then rubs my **** thru my pants as this girl is grinding on her. The dancer drops to her knees in front of my wife and spreads her knees apart to see her bare *****. She commented on her piercing and rubbed it. My wife tensed her grip on my **** and her head went back as she came while being rubbed. Before you know it, time was up. We almost immediately were in the parking lot ******* like rabbits.
dannyjen dannyjen
1 Response Feb 10, 2012

nice - thanks for sharing!