Her First Time

This story happened while we were still living in California. My wife and I had been working hard that week and decided we deserved a trip to Reno. I was hoping to get my wife to loosen up and have some fun on this trip.

We got ourselves a room in the casino and proceeded to let loose on the tables. After gambling and some dinner, we decided to hit the clubs. Michelle changed into her short white dress and heels. Boy that dress hid very little and the heels just made her legs look so long and sleek. Oh, and she decided not wear any panties, that was my cue that this was going to be a fun night.

We ended up in a rocking club, lots of people dancing and drinking. We met a young blonde on the dance floor and soon are doing a little 3-way dirty dancing. It’s not long before Michelle is grinding her ***** into this little blonde’s ***, so hot. We take a break and the blonde follows us back to our booth. The young woman’s name is Jenifer. She was a hot little blonde, long hair down to her perfect ***, 5’5” nice body. Nice perky C cup.

We chatted for a while having a good time at the club. My wife is looking hot and feeling good, she is becoming much bolder. I’m starting to be excluded as their conversation becomes more intimate. I can see my wife’s fingers lightly caressing Jenifer’s leg. As they continue to talk Jenifer gives in to her desires and cups my wife heavy breasts, my wife slides her hand up Jenifer’s inner thigh and under her short dress to her hot *****. Jenifer didn’t miss a beat, leans in and kisses my wife. I watched as these two beautiful woman continue groping and kissing each other. With other guy in the club watching the show.

The two break apart for air. Flush, hair askew and breathing hard the ladies take a moment to regroup. Looking at them it’s like watching two hunger tigers ready to pounce. My wife reaches over and grabs my hard ****, strokes it and tells me it’s time to go to the room. She lets go of my **** and grabs Jenifer’s hand leading her out of the club to the elevator, with me following.

The ladies seem to be composed by the time we enter the elevator until the door closes. Jenifer turns, pushes my wife up against the wall, her left hand under Michelle’s dress with her fingers working her wet *****. Her right hand is wrapped in Michelle’s hair as she pulls my wife to her mouth and kisses her deep. Michelle moans into Jenifer’s mouth. I can see Michelle’s legs are getting weak, fortunately the door opens and Jenifer releases my wife. Michelle stubbles and I reach out to help her. We head to our room, when my wife whispers in my ear that she wants Jenifer to herself. She tells me I can watch. “Whatever you want baby”.

In the room the ladies make the rounds to the bathroom. Michelle is on the bed, I’m getting a drink when out walks Jenifer completely naked. Her **** are full and upright, hips swaying as she heads straight to my wife. They start making out again and Jenifer pulls my wife’s dress off and pushes her back onto the bed. I pull a chair up to the end of the bed to watch. Jenifer crawls up Michelle’s waiting body kissing her all the way up, Michelle is moaning and writhing with every kiss. They grind their ***** together as they kiss. Jenifer works her way back down to Michelle’s ***** and begins to lick and suck it. Michelle is completely lost to Jenifer expert tongue and soon she is moaning loudly. Michelle grabs Jenifer’s head and grinds hard into her mouth, she **** with a load groan. Jenifer brings her to two more ******* before Michelle pushes her head off her *****.

Jenifer doesn’t hesitate, she slides her body up Michelle’s until she is hovering over Michelle’s face. It’s then that for the first time Jennifer looks at me, staring hard at me and slowly lowers her ***** onto my wife’s eager waiting mouth. I watch as Jenifer slowly grinds her ***** onto Michelle’s tongue. Jenifer rocks her ***** back and forth ******* Michelle’s face. Michelle must have gotten a hold of her **** because Jenifer stops moving, squeezes her thighs into Michelle’s head and **** hard and long into her mouth. Jenifer slides off of Michelle and they cuddle each other of a while. Jenifer gets up, puts her dress on and slips out the door. Michelle calls me over to the bed, lays me down and rides my painfully hard ****. I can taste Jenifer on my wife’s lips, it doesn’t take long before I’m ******* hard into my wife’s *****. My wife lays on top of me exhausted, we end up sleeping like that with my **** still in her *****.
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You are a super star. I would have never had the control not to *** in my pants watching all that,.

Well written love. Don't know if you remember, but I was pregnant (three months maybe) at the time. Made my booobs bigger and being sober helped the whole night. You left out my second favorite part of that trip. When we were playing Black Jack, some guy maybe 21 years old walks up and throws a hundred dollar bill down on a small stakes table. The dealer asks how he wants it broken down. He says, "I want to play it." He's sitting right next to me. In addition, I can see a woman who is obviously with him, staring him down with a serious glare. As the dealer puts down his second card (both face down) this man-boy says "talk to me baby" before looking at his cards over. I couldn't help it when I saw he had a nine and a three I said "looks like the cards said '**** you.' " He took a card, got a face card, busted, and left with a very angry female.. It was freaking hilarious.